Lord Jonathan Sacks

Dinner? No thanks

By Simon Round, February 12, 2009

Reports reach the Diary that Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks has invited Leader of the Opposition David Cameron to dine at his home on three occasions, and three times has been told that Cameron is unable to attend.

Of course, it may be that there is a genuine problem with dates — after all, Mr Cameron is an extremely busy man.

However, one Conservative insider tells us that the Tory Party leader is a little worried about the fact that Rabbi Sacks’s daughter, Gila Sacks, works in Gordon Brown’s office and that any conversation could get back to the Prime Minister? Surely not.


Chief is bullish on Manchester’s future

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 12, 2009

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks has predicted a rosy future for Manchester Jewry despite the large-scale migration of younger community members.

Interviewed on Saturday evening before participating in a question-and-answer session in support of South Manchester Synagogue’s youth projects, Sir Jonathan argued that in some respects Manchester Jewry was stronger than the capital’s community.


Rally message is 'Yes to peace'

January 15, 2009

The slogan, “Yes to peace” rang out over Trafalgar Square on Sunday as thousands of people, Jewish and non-Jewish, supported the call of the Chief Rabbi and other speakers for an end to the conflict in Gaza and southern Israel.

Similar scenes were enacted in Manchester where some 4,000 people gathered in Albert Square in the city centre to hear a half-dozen top speakers, including Deputy Israeli Ambassador Talya Lador-Fresher, MPs Ivan Lewis and Louise Ellman and Bicom head and former MP Lorna Fitzsimons.


Block party buoys Mathilda Marks

By Craig Silver, December 4, 2008

A nursery and reception block at Mill Hill’s Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Primary was opened by Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks on Tuesday.

Sir Jonathan fixed two mezuzot to the new facility, which had been under construction since March 2007, and Barnet Mayor Councillor John Marshall was also among the guests. Pupils sang at a special assembly.
School head Jillian Dunstan said: “The block is absolutely wonderful and is very child-centred. It will help the school move forward in providing ever-improving facilities.”


Holzbergs were beautiful couple, says Sacks

December 3, 2008

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks told an emotional memorial service for the victims of the Mumbai terror attacks that the Jewish community would "rekindle the lights to banish terror and darkness from the world."


Chief gives EU credit crisis talk

By Leon Symons, November 20, 2008

Europe needs a new covenant of hope to carry it through the current economic crisis and beyond, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks told the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Addressing the parliament for the first time, Sir Jonathan discussed the differences between a covenant and a contract. European politics, he said, needed the former.

Sir Jonathan compared a contract to a deal and a covenant to a marriage. "A contract deals with ‘arenas of competition' while a covenant deals with ‘arenas of co-operation'.


Men of letters finish Khalili gift

By Jay Grenby, November 13, 2008

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks was one of 40 Western Marble Arch Synagogue members who wrote the final words of the community's newest Sefer Torah, which was presented to the congregation on Shabbat.

The scroll was commissioned by the family of scholar, collector and philanthropist Professor David Khalili and his wife Marion to mark their 30th wedding anniversary, and is the first Sephardi Sefer Torah to be donated to the shul.

In accordance with Sephardi custom, it is housed not in a mantle but in a magnificent and ornate silver case.


Sacks throws rabbis a credit crunch lifeline

By Simon Rocker, October 24, 2008

The Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks, is planning a special seminar next month to equip rabbis to deal with the impact of the financial crisis on their congregants.

Its aim is to help them provide pastoral care, encourage support networks and be aware of the sort of help available, such as the Employment Resource Centre.

He is also inviting some business representatives to advise rabbis on how communities can help.


‘Kinder’ who fled the Nazis plan big reunion

By Marcus Dysch, September 19, 2008

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks and historian Sir Martin Gilbert will address what could be the last major gathering of Kindertransport refugees to Britain.

November's event at JFS's Kenton premises marks the 70th anniversary of the Kindertransport and the Association of Jewish Refugees is hoping for a large turnout of former Kinder and their families.

In November 1938, the British government altered its refugee policy to allow entry to unaccompanied youngsters under the age of 17 fleeing the Nazis.


Sacks opens Finchley Primary

By Marcus Dysch, September 12, 2008

The Orthodox community's newest school opened its doors to pupils in Finchley this week.

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks joined the Morasha Jewish Primary's first eight reception-class pupils in a singalong before performing the official opening.

The fee-paying school - set up by Finchley Synagogue members - will accept a further seven pupils during its first year. Up to 25 additional pupils will enrol for the 2009/10 acdemic year.