Lord Jonathan Sacks

Lord Sacks: Support Israel with ideas not PR

By Jennifer Lipman, July 8, 2011

The Chief Rabbi has called for the creation of a new think tank with a dream team of intellectuals including writers Amos Oz and David Grossman to develop an Israel advocacy, based on thought, not just public relations.


It's time Anglo-Jewry threw away its corset

By Shmuley Boteach, June 30, 2011

Eleven years ago, I lived in the UK and, though I served primarily as rabbi to students at Oxford University, I gradually expanded the scope of my activities until I was well entrenched in mainstream Anglo-Jewish life.

Amid my affection and admiration for a community renowned for its high Jewish day school attendance, generous social welfare programmes and committed communal charities, I slowly


Tony Blair, Amos Oz and more at Presidential Conference

By Ophir Samson, June 22, 2011

Quartet envoy Tony Blair has told an audience at the Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem that "supporting freedom is an intervention that goes with the grain of human progress".


Sacks gets another title

May 19, 2011

Lord Sacks is "thrilled and deeply touched" by the renaming of the Morasha school in Finchley as the Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary on its proposed move to Regents Park Road premises in 2012.


A family affair for Bnei Akiva

May 12, 2011

Bnei Akiva ran a Yom Hazikaron/Yom Ha'atzmaut event for the whole community on Monday at Finchley Synagogue where the 1,300 guests included Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks and Israeli envoy Ron Prosor.


Chief Rabbi warns Lords on Hamas

By Jennifer Lipman, May 5, 2011

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks has given the government a stern warning about peace in the Middle East, marking the first time he has spoken about Israel in the House of Lords.

The comments came during a debate in Parliament yesterday about the Middle East peace process.


Chief and Archbishop are environmentally friendly at seminar

By Jessica Elgot, March 24, 2011

The Chief Rabbi was among a number of community representatives at an interfaith seminar on the environment, initiated by the London School of Jewish Studies and held at Lambeth Palace on Monday.


The chief will go to church

By Simon Rocker, March 17, 2011

The newly elected president of the Reform movement, Rabbi Tony Bayfield, took an active part for the first time in the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on Monday, reciting a prayer he wrote for the occasion about the contribution of women.


Chief and final set for Rosh Hashanah

By Simon Rocker, March 10, 2011

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks is embarking on his last major literary project in office - a complete set of festival prayer books.

His Rosh Hashanah machzor, with a new English translation and commentary, is scheduled to be out in time for the New Year this September, followed by one for Yom Kippur in 2012.


Chief Rabbi honoured in Israel

March 10, 2011

The Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks has received a prestigious award from Israel's Ben Gurion University for his contribution to society.

The Ladislaus Laszt Ecumenical and Social Concern Award was made in recognition of his work "as a widely-published theologian and philosopher whose aspirations for truth and mutual respect of all peoples guide his actions".