London Assembly

Lubavitcher Shneur Odze wants to be Ukip’s London mayor candidate

By Marcus Dysch, September 1, 2015

A former Conservative councillor has said he wants to be Ukip’s candidate in next year’s London mayoral election.

Shneur Odze will run to be the party’s candidate for City Hall, and to be a London Assembly member when voters go to the polls in May 2016.

He stood for Ukip in last year’s European elections and was the only strictly Orthodox candidate in Nigel Farage’s party.


Jewish groups discuss antisemitism with London deputy mayor

By Rosa Doherty, December 3, 2014

Community groups met London’s deputy mayor to discuss antisemitic hate crime at demonstrations and on social media.

Representatives from the Community Security Trust, London Jewish Forum, Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies met Stephen Greenhalgh following the publication of a hate crime reduction strategy.


Boris Johnson ‘horrified’ by rise in antisemitism

By Marcus Dysch, September 17, 2014

London Mayor Boris Johnson said he reacted to the rise in antisemitism in the capital this summer with “horror and condemnation”.

He made the comments in response to questions from London Assembly members at City Hall on Wednesday.


New statue commemorates former London deputy mayor Sir Simon Milton

By Sophie Lipton, September 12, 2014

A statue of former London deputy mayor Sir Simon Milton has been unveiled in the capital.

The sculpture was revealed at a ceremony attended by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles,

Sir Simon, who died in 2011 at the age of 49 after a long battle against cancer, was deputy mayor for planning and policy and chief of staff to mayor Boris Johnson.


Concerns raised over TFL deal with Emirates airline for Thames cable car

By Marcus Dysch, July 16, 2013

Transport for London is facing criticism over its sponsorship deal with Emirates airline for a major cable car project in the capital.

Details of the contract show that TfL must abide by United Arab Emirates rules on having no ties to Israel or Israeli businesses.

Amir Ofek, spokesman at the Israeli Embassy in London, said the case raised "serious concerns".


Fears that BNP will run Stoke

By Dana Gloger, June 13, 2008

Anti-fascists are concerned that the British National Party (BNP) could control Stoke-on-Trent City Council within the next three years, following its gains in last month’s elections.

The party’s most notorious success in May’s local and London elections was Richard Barnbrook’s seat on the London Assembly, but it also made substantial gains elsewhere.


Relief as extremists fail to make big gains

By Dana Gloger, May 9, 2008

The British National Party won one seat on the London Assembly in last week’s elections, but did not make the large-scale gains nationally or in the capital that some had feared.

Richard Barnbrook, 47, the party’s mayoral candidate, took 5.3 per cent of the vote, giving him a seat on the assembly. Candidates needed five per cent of the overall vote to win a seat.

There had been fears that the BNP could win two or even three seats on the London Assembly.


The BNP victory is a calamity

By Daniel Finkelstein, May 9, 2008

The election of the BNP to the London Assembly threatens clear thinking across the political board


I sent this one-word text message to a member of the Tory high command as the results from the local elections came in and it became apparent that what had seemed almost impossible a few months ago had come to pass — Boris Johnson would be the next mayor of London.

“I think you mean cripes!” came the reply.


Far right targets Essex with 625 candidates

By Dana Gloger, April 11, 2008

The British National Party is fielding around 150 candidates in South East constituencies in next month’s local and mayoral elections. It also has 10 candidates seeking election to the London Assembly, as well as a mayoral candidate, Richard Barnbrook.