Mirvis shows good sense on Limmud

September 17, 2013

Widely expected it may have been, but the Chief Rabbi’s confirmation that he will be attending this year’s Limmud is no less welcome for that. Limmud is British Jewry at its best — and an export of which we can all be proud. It is inclusivity made real. So it was not merely wrong that Lord Sacks refused to have anything to do with it, it was plain bizarre.


Chief Rabbi Mirvis expected to attend Limmud

By Simon Rocker, August 30, 2013

Incoming Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has been consulting with his rabbinate over whether he should attend the Limmud winter conference.

Rabbi Mirvis, who will be installed as Chief Rabbi on Sunday, held talks with his rabbis on Limmud and other issues last month, although he is keeping his decision close to his chest.


Limmud goes camping in the Woods

By Anna Sheinman, August 11, 2013

Get your tent pegs ready. Limmud is back — and this summer it’s going camping.

Since 2004, Limmud Fest has been the summer version of December’s Jewish learning extravaganza, Limmud Conference.


Hundreds flock to Harrow Limmud

March 11, 2013

There were more than 100 sessions for the 600 visitors to Sunday’s Harrow Limmud with a choice of speakers ranging from a Holocaust survivor to a senior researcher for anti-extremist think tank, the Quilliam Foundation.


Torah, truths, rap and rock: it’s Limmud

By Anna Sheinman, January 3, 2013

Two and a half thousand people attended Limmud 2012, the annual festival of Jewish learning, debate and culture.

Last week, Warwick University hosted seven days of lectures, discussions, exhibitions, concerts, films and a whole lot of Israeli dancing.


Limmud on women rabbis’ woes

By Anna Sheinman, December 27, 2012

“The stained-glass ceiling has not yet been broken”, declared Baroness Julia Neuberger at a panel debate of women rabbis at Limmud on Sunday.

In what was supposed to be a celebration of 40 years of women rabbis, instead the four rabbis, speaking to an almost entirely female audience, agreed that, after 40 years, they were “still in the desert”.


10 things that could only happen at Limmud

By Anna Sheinman, December 25, 2012

1. One 20-something girl goes up to a 20-something guy in the cafeteria: “Sorry to bother you, I think you lead me on tour?”

2. Matisyahu, a rabbi and an artist hold an in-depth conversation at 1am about God’s sphincter muscle and ask – is it different from ours?


Limmud is back with a bang for 2012

By Anna Sheinman, December 21, 2012

Four hundred and thirty-three presenters, 1,035 sessions, 42 kilograms of hummus — Limmud is back.

This weekend 2,500 people will descend on Warwick University for seven days of sessions ranging from a debate on Israel’s African asylum problem, to a late night game of Pirates v Ninjas.


Scots love their Limmud

November 29, 2012

Journalist Hugo Rifkind was among a wide-ranging roster of speakers at the Scotland Day Limmud, explaining how someone with an “institutional commitment to impartiality” could cover the Middle East, a subject on which “inevitably, a Jew will feel partisan”.


Leeds ignites Limmud fireworks

By John Fisher, November 8, 2012

With a suitably Guy Fawkes analogy, Leeds Day Limmud co-chairs Judge Robert Bartfield and Eleanor Taylor described Sunday’s event as offering “plenty of firecrackers”. Close-on 50 sessions on topics as diverse as domestic violence and the Jewish contribution to the English countryside were available to the 340 participants.