Limmud attempts to spin fail

By Jessica Elgot, December 29, 2011

The miracle of Chanucah did not quite make its way to Coventry. Limmudniks, organised by the Union of Jewish Students, attempted to break the world record for dreidel spinning, trying to get 1,000 tops to twirl together. Our Limmud correspondent joined the fray, even going so far as to practice his spinning in the Limmud canteen pre-world record attempt.


The Orthodox rabbi who loves Limmud

By Rabbi Dr Nathan Cardozo, December 8, 2011

Judaism is the most astonishing and daring religion the world has been blessed with. It defies all definitions and stands heads and shoulders above anything else I know. It is not just a faith, a sentiment or a ritual, but above all an intricate and immense exploration of what we might call the holy dimension of existence.


Limmud's Cambridge education finds a highly receptive audience

By Bernard Josephs, November 10, 2011

"A Cambridge education on a single day" was offered to a crowd of more than 700 at the Limmud held in the city on Sunday.

They heard eminent speakers and engaged in discussions on weighty topics such as the future of Israel. There were also lighter sessions and, for the younger family members, fun activities - for example, the messy business of making hummus.


Turkish date with Limmud

By Simon Rocker, October 28, 2011

An eye-catching name on the guest list at this year's Limmud conference is Turkish Ambassador to the UK Ünal Çeviköz.

Two years ago such a visit would have been unremarkable but Turkey's spectacular fallout with Israel since the Gaza flotilla incident last year gives it added currency now.


Eastern Europe splits ' destroy Jewry'

By Simon Rocker, October 6, 2011

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of Communism gave a new lease to Jewish life in eastern Europe.


People power needs people

By Keith Kahn-Harris, July 4, 2011

Never has the term "people power" seemed more relevant than today. In the past few months, mass demonstrations in the Middle East and North Africa, together with sit-ins in Spain and Greece, have shown that mass protests can challenge apparently immovable power structures.


Boycott row batters Australian Limmud

By Dan Goldberg, June 2, 2011

Limmud-Oz, the Australian arm of the global festival of Jewish learning, is at the centre of controversy after organisers banned two presenters who "publicly advocate a total boycott against Israel" and a major donor threatened to withdraw funding.


Harrow learns to love Limmud

March 31, 2011

The newly appointed chief executive of the Movement for Reform Judaism has said the Jewish community should learn lessons from the gay pride movement.

Ben Rich, who is also a communications consultant, spoke to a crowd at the first Harrow Day Limmud at Heathfield School in Pinner on Sunday.


Leeds loves Limmud experience

By Jonathan Kalmus, March 11, 2011

Leeds Limmud attracted a record 400 crowd on Sunday for a roster of speakers including MPs Denis MacShane and Louise Ellman and Jeremy Stowe-Lindner, head of London cross-communal secondary school JCoSS.

The turnout - double the total for the last local Limmud - included people from Newcastle and Manchester.


Sad farewell to Limmud singer Debbie Friedman

By Simon Rocker, January 13, 2011

Tributes have been paid to Debbie Friedman, the influential American Jewish songwriter who died suddenly on Sunday.

Aged 59, she had been admitted to hospital in California just a few days after returning from her last appearances at the Limmud conference in Coventry.

Her melodies, setting traditional Jewish liturgy to folk tunes, left their mark on synagogue music, particulary among Progressive communities, in the course of a career covering 35 years and more than 20 albums.