Universities and Gaddafi: is there more?

By Martin Bright, March 10, 2011

The MP driving the investigations into the Gaddafi regime's controversial relationship with British universities has pledged to expose the full extent of their Middle East funding.


Foreign Office minister in Egypt to talk Israel, democracy

By Jennifer Lipman, March 9, 2011

The British foreign office minister for the Middle East is to discuss the direction of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process with the new generation of Egyptian political leaders.


Mad Dog becomes Snoop Dogg

By Jennifer Lipman, March 3, 2011
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In a beautiful irony, an Israeli journalist has made Gaddafi a YouTube hit among young Libyans.

Noy Alooshe turned the dictator’s speech last week into a rap video complete with dancing girls.


Obsession with Israel makes us all ignorant

By Robin Shepherd, March 3, 2011

One of the most noteworthy consequences of the current wave of protests and revolutions across the Arab world is that when you click on the Middle East section of the BBC website something extraordinary happens: you are no longer bombarded, headline by headline, subsection by subsection with a once familar word: "Israel".


Jewish Libya

By Jennifer Lipman, March 1, 2011

Pictures from Raphael Luzon's visit to Libya.

At the entrance of Hara Kbira.jpg
between Hara Kbira and Hara sghira.jpg
Big Synagogue in Hara Kbira, Tripoli.jpg
Detail on synagogue in Hara Kbira, Tripoli.jpg
Detail on synagogue in Tripoli2.jpg
Entrance of ine ex Synagogue in Hara, Tripoli.jpg
entrance to old house.jpg
ex my Father's office 2.jpg
Gold shops in ex-jewish quartier.jpg
Hara el Kebira Tripoli.jpg
Incaricato degli Affari Esteri al Parlamento libico, On Souleiman El Shehoumi assieme al Ministro per la Sicurezza ed Intelligence, On Buzeid Dorda.jpg
Incaricato degli Affari Esteri al Parlamento libico, On Souleiman El Shehoumi.jpg
Internal of ex Jewish school in hara.jpg
The former Jewish School in Hara Tripoli2.jpg
Place where the Jews gathered in evenings between Hara Kbira and Hara sghira.jpg


Colonel Gaddafi behind Lockerbie bombing, claims former minister

By Jennifer Lipman, February 23, 2011

A senior Libyan politician has claimed to have evidence that the 1988 Lockerbie bombing was carried out under the orders of Colonel Gaddafi.


Israel's Shimon Peres 'full of hope' for Libyan protesters

By Jennifer Lipman, February 22, 2011

Israel’s President has described it as an “irony of history” that Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi is facing an uprising in his own country less than two weeks after calling for revolution across the Arab world.

Speaking during a visit to Madrid, Shimon Peres said: "Gaddafi said he prefers a Middle East without the State of Israel.

“Today we might reach a situation where there is a Libya, but without Gaddafi."


On this day: the Lockerbie bombing

By Jennifer Lipman, December 21, 2010

When a bomb exploded on the Boeing 747 that was flying between London and New York, all 259 people – passengers and crew – were killed. The terrorist attack was so-named because 11 others died in the Scottish town of Lockerbie when sections of the plane crashed there.


WikiLeaks: antisemitic campaign to shut Libyan M&S

By Jennifer Lipman, December 21, 2010

The Libyan government attempted to force the Tripoli branch of retail chain Marks & Spencer to close using a "repugnant antisemitic" smear campaign and “pseudo-populist rhetoric against ‘the force


New Gaza boat struggles to sail from Libya

By Jennifer Lipman, November 11, 2010

Pro-Palestinian activists hoping to breach the naval blockade of Gaza have run into trouble off the coast of Libya.