Liberals take stand

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 4, 2011

A group of women from the Liberal Jewish Community in Manchester are fighting for Jerusalem's Women of the Wall and are taking a stand for their own community's right to exist.

Manchester's newly inaugurated Liberal Jewish Community, the first such in the North West, is holding a Friday night service tonight which will protest against an Israeli ban on women being able to sing and read the Torah at Jerusalem's Western Wall.

The service will take place at Cross Street Chapel in central Manchester.


Give terminally-ill right to die, says rabbi

By Simon Rocker, January 27, 2011

People with terminal illnesses should be helped to die if they do not want to go on living, according to the chief executive of Liberal Judaism.

Rabbi Danny Rich made the case when he gave evidence last week to the independent Commission on Assisted Dying, chaired by the former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer.


Liberal rabbi extends northern role

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 11, 2010

Manchester's first Liberal rabbi has officially begun ministering to the only Liberal synagogue in the north of England.


Liberals in reshuffle

By Simon Rocker, November 11, 2010

Rabbi Danny Rich has been awarded a new five year contract as the chief executive of Liberal Judaism.

Leaders of the movement have also reorganised the management team at the Montagu Centre, its central London HQ, in order to allow Rabbi Rich - who took office in 2005 - more time for writing and public speaking.

Lucian Hudson, Liberal Judaism chairman, said: "Danny Rich is an exceptional leader who is held in high regard and with much affection. We are delighted to renew his contract."


Thames' class act at Limmud

October 14, 2010

The days may be drawing in but the sun came out for the 250 participants who came from Liberal and Orthodox communities including Amersham, Bristol, London, Maidenhead, Oxford, Reading, Swindon and Weybridge to join the fourth Thames Valley Limmud on Sunday.


Liberal chief hits out at religious 'anit-democracy'

May 6, 2010

Liberal Judaism chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich condemned religious coercion and sectarianism in his address to the movement's biggest biennial conference, held in Gloucestershire.

Addressing an audience of over 300, he said that some religious followers have "declared in both word - and frequently more tragically in deed - that democracy is in opposition to the values and practices of religious faith."


Liberal Judaism's first Israel and diaspora officer

May 6, 2010

As part of Liberal Judaism's commitment to "a progressive and democratic Israel", Daniel Needlestone has been appointed its first Israel and diaspora officer.

He will work closely with full-time shlicha Dana Friedman and the Liberal Judaism chairman and chief executive, Lucian Hudson and Rabbi Danny Rich, who were both recently in Israel to strengthen links with the movement's partners.

A graduate of UJIA's Adam Science leadership programme, Mr Needlestone is co-chair of Pro-Zion and founder and chair of the UK Jewish Teachers Association.


Clegg: Tonge 'ludicrous but not racist'

By Robyn Rosen, February 12, 2010

Nick Clegg has reacted further to LibDem peer Baroness Tonge's comment this week that Israel should set up an inquiry to disprove allegations that its medical teams in Haiti “harvested” organs of earthquake victims for use in transplants.

The party leader insisted that despite admitting her comments were “ludicrous, ”she was not “antisemitic or racist”.


Tonge: Investigate IDF stealing organs in Haiti

By Simon Rocker and Martin Bright, February 11, 2010

Baroness Tonge, the Liberal peer, said this week that Israel should set up an inquiry to disprove allegations that its medical teams in Haiti “harvested” organs of earthquake victims for use in transplants.

Her call has been sharply criticised by fellow LibDems, but party leader Nick Clegg has refused to act against her.

The organ theft claims were published last week in the Palestine Telegraph, an online journal based in Gaza of which Baroness Tonge is a patron.


Liberal Judaism backs campaign against sexual discrimination

By Simon Rocker, December 3, 2009

Liberal Judaism is backing a campaign to restrict the exemptions sought by some religious groups from anti-discrimination laws.

It is giving support to the Cutting Edge Consortium, a coalition of gay rights and progressive organisations, lobbying over the Equalities Bill currently before Parliament.

The bill is meant to consolidate existing laws against discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age and disability.