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Lib Dems speak to ex-MP David Ward after he backs Naz Shah antisemitic comments

By Marcus Dysch, May 9, 2016

The Liberal Democrats have confirmed that former MP David Ward has been reminded of the party’s stance against antisemitism after he backed a Labour MP’s Jew-hate comments.

Mr Ward was elected as a Lib Dem councillor in Bradford in last Thursday’s local elections.


From Center Parcs to City Hall for Caroline?

By Sandy Rashty, April 14, 2016

The Liberal Democrat candidate to be Mayor of London does not want to talk details - at least those directly affecting the Jewish community.

Over coffee at the party's Westminster office, Caroline Pidgeon is happy to discuss her plans for more affordable housing, childcare and apprenticeships.


Why Corbyn is making Lib Dems smile

By Marcus Dysch, September 24, 2015

Supporters of Israel could find a warm welcome in the new-look Liberal Democrats, party members suggested this week.

The election of Tim Farron as party leader following the crushing general election result in May - in which the party was reduced to eight MPs after losing 49 seats - was said to provide a new opportunity for previously disenchanted Israel advocates to return to the fold.


Ben Rich appointed interim chief of staff for Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron

By Marcus Dysch, July 22, 2015

The Board of Deputies’ communications consultant is to leave his role to run the office of new Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

Ben Rich, a public relations specialist, worked with Mr Farron during the party’s leadership contest during the past three months.


Charles Kennedy was ‘great friend of Jews and Israel’

By Marcus Dysch, June 2, 2015

Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush has paid tribute to former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, who has died aged 55.

Mr Kennedy had a warm relationship with the Jewish community during his time leading the party and also as an MP during his long political career.


Netanyahu warns Blatter that expelling Israel will destroy Fifa

By JC Reporter, May 29, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that banning Israel from Fifa would lead to the destruction of world football's governing body.

A motion to expel Israel, proposed by the Palestinian Football Association, was due to be discussed today at Fifa's congress in Zurich.


Lib Dem Tim Farron says Israel was 'disproportionate' over Gaza

By Sandy Rashty, May 20, 2015

In an earlier version of this story, we wrongly quoted Mr Farron as describing David Ward as "a good MP", omitting the word "constituency".
We apologise for the error.

The frontrunner in the race to be leader of the Liberal Democrats has described Israel’s actions during the Gaza war as “disproportionate”.


My supporters voted Labour to block Tory win, says beaten Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone

By Marcus Dysch, May 12, 2015

Ousted Liberal Democrat minister Lynne Featherstone has thanked supporters as she bowed out of Parliament.

Ms Featherstone was the most senior Jewish woman in the coalition government but lost her seat in north London’s Hornsey and Wood Green constituency to Labour.


For what they’re worth, you can take comfort from these paper promises

By Marcus Dysch, April 16, 2015

Election manifestos rarely throw up great surprises. Almost every detail is stage-managed, policy-advised, and leaked to the media.

But pro-Palestinian voices in Labour could be forgiven for thinking they had been short-changed when they read their party’s policy document on Monday morning.


Lib Dems manifesto condemns Israel and Hamas over ‘disproportionate force’

By Marcus Dysch, April 15, 2015

The Liberal Democrats have unveiled their policy on Israel and the Palestinians as part of their general election manifesto.

The party said it remained committed to a two-state solution to the conflict, and condemned “disproportionate force used by all sides”.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg unveiled the policy document at an event in London on Wednesday morning.