‘A Jewish vote for Corbyn is like a Muslim voting Trump’ says ex BBC chief Danny Cohen

By Sandy Rashty, April 17, 2016

Former BBC head Danny Cohen has said the Jewish community could not vote for Jeremy Corbyn after the Labour leader repeatedly failed to tackle antisemitism within his party's ranks.

Mr Cohen, former director of BBC TV, said he was “deeply troubled” by revelations of Jew-hate within the party.


New plan to tackle antisemitism in the Labour Party

By Marcus Dysch, April 13, 2016

The Jewish Labour Movement has unveiled a plan to tackle antisemitism within the Labour Party.

Working with MPs and activists around the country, the JLM wants to change party rules to ensure members who commit acts of Jew-hate are dealt with quickly and potentially banned for life.


Jeremy Corbyn showing contempt towards Jews, says major Labour donor

By JC Reporter, April 10, 2016

A major Jewish donor to the Labour Party has attacked Jeremy Corbyn for appearing to tolerate antisemitism and showing contempt towards Jews.

Michael Foster, whose family has donated over £400,000 to the party and who stood as a Labour candidate in the 2015 general election, said Mr Corbyn was “too weak” to stand up against antisemitic elements on the left.


Councillor suspended from Labour Party after claims she called Hitler 'greatest man in history'

By JC Reporter, April 10, 2016

A local councillor has been suspended from the Labour Party over a series of antisemitic tweets.

Aysegul Gurbuz is alleged to have praised Adolf Hitler, calling him the “greatest man in history”, and said she hoped Israel would be wiped out by an Iranian nuclear bomb.


The loyalists standing their ground against Labour's tide of hate

By Marcus Dysch, April 7, 2016

It is not an easy time to be a Jewish supporter of the Labour Party.

What with activists being suspended over allegations of antisemitism, a more hostile approach to Israel, and the damage done to the relationship with British Jewry by Ed Miliband's leadership and Jeremy Corbyn's election as his successor, many long-standing Jewish supporters are deserting the party.


We cannot relent over Labour

By Leader, April 6, 2016

In recent months, we have reported a seemingly endless stream of stories about antisemitism and the Labour Party. Every week has brought a new example, meaning that a certain weariness is inevitable as the weeks — and stories — roll on.

A similar pattern follows each such report, with accusations that the JC is engaged in a witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn or even Labour itself.


Hard-left activists target Jewish MP in 'terrifying' campaign of abuse

By Marcus Dysch, April 6, 2016

A veteran Labour MP has been targeted by activists who are “hell-bent” on attacking her at meetings of her constituency party — reportedly because she is Jewish.


Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell ‘posted link to website honouring suicide bombers’

By Sandy Rashty, April 6, 2016

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor has been accused of promoting a website that pays “tributes to suicide bombers”.

A report in the Evening Standard claimed that John McDonnell used his own MP website to link to a webpage which paid tribute to terrorists in 2014.

It comes amid a rise of allegations of antisemitism within Labour party ranks.


Jeremy Corbyn says his brother was 'not wrong' to condemn Jewish MP’s antisemitism fears

By Marcus Dysch, April 6, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has defended his brother for tweeting that it was “absurd” for a Jewish MP to call on the Labour leader to do more to tackle antisemitism.

Mr Corbyn said his sibling, Piers, was “not wrong” to claim that it was preposterous to question the leader’s efforts.


Mayor of London candidates outline plans for capital at Jewish hustings

By Marcus Dysch, April 5, 2016

The leading candidates in the race to be the next mayor of London have outlined their views on issues including rising antisemitism and faith schools during the only Jewish hustings of the campaign.

Front-runners Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate, and Labour's Sadiq Khan were on the five-strong panel at the JW3 centre in north-west London.