Time to explain, Mr Corbyn

September 17, 2015

When the JC posed a series of questions to Jeremy Corbyn about some of his unsavoury allies, they were met with varying degrees of obfuscation. A month on, he is now Labour leader. And we are no nearer to having even remotely satisfactory answers.


Jeremy Corbyn and the 'Minister for Jews'

By Marcus Dysch, September 16, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader has come amid divisions in his camp, with senior aides arguing over the apparent intention to appoint a “Minister for Jews”.

A series of leaks from those close to Mr Corbyn revealed a plan intended to pacify the Jewish community following concerns about his links to antisemites and Holocaust deniers.


A Minister for Jews? It's a terrible idea

By Martin Bright, September 16, 2015

Who knows where the idea for a Minister for Jews came from within the Corbyn camp? Maybe it was just the ramblings of some over-enthusiastic junior staffer, desperate to rescue the saviour of the Labour Party from himself.

Maybe it was the result of long and carefully considered policy discussions after consultation with the movement.


Luciana Berger: 'Why I joined Jeremy Corbyn's cabinet'

By Marcus Dysch, September 16, 2015

Britain’s youngest Jewish MP has explained her decision to take a role in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet despite his links to antisemites and Holocaust deniers.

Luciana Berger said she had a “full and frank discussion” with the new Labour leader before agreeing to become Shadow Mental Health Secretary.


Jeremy Corbyn is new Labour Party leader

By JC Reporter, September 12, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn has won a landslide victory to become the new leader of the Labour Party.

The Islington North MP won 59.5 per cent of the vote in the first round.

Andy Burham was a distant second with 19 per cent. Yvette Cooper gained 17 per cent while Liz Kendall trailed on 4.5 per cent.

A total of 422,664 votes were cast, with the new leader picking up 251,417.


Many more questions now that Jeremy Corbyn is Labour leader

By Marcus Dysch, September 12, 2015

So what happens now?

What was not so long ago unthinkable has come to pass. Now the hard work really begins – both for the Labour Party and British Jews.

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader will raise tough questions about the future of the relationship.


Sadiq Khan to be Labour’s candidate for London mayor

By Marcus Dysch, September 11, 2015

Sadiq Khan has won the race to be Labour’s candidate in next year’s London mayor election.

He will fight to succeed current Conservative mayor Boris Johnson after beating closest rival Tessa Jowell.

The former Communities Minister, who has supported Jeremy Corbyn in the party’s leadership contest, said he was “humbled” to
have been selected.


Labour's Israel friends are at risk as leadership contest comes to an end

By Marcus Dysch, September 11, 2015

After months of campaigning, hustings and controversy, the Labour leadership contest reached its climax this week, with the winner due to be announced tomorrow.

Frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn remained favourite to become leader of the opposition, despite a slight loss of momentum since his high point of support last month.


Answer questions about links to antisemites, Board leader tells Jeremy Corbyn

By Marcus Dysch, September 1, 2015

Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush has called on Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn publicly to reject Hamas and Hizbollah if he is to gain the trust of British Jews.

Mr Arkush said Mr Corbyn’s comments about the terrorist groups were one of the causes of the community’s concerns about the likelihood of him becoming leader.


Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for Israeli embassy car bombing pair

By Marcus Dysch, September 1, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn was a leading activist in the campaign for the release of two people who were jailed for their involvement in the bombing of a Jewish charity building and the Israeli embassy in London.

Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami were convicted of conspiracy to cause the bombings of the embassy and Balfour House after both buildings were targeted by car bombs in 1994.