Raising a glass to growing sales

February 9, 2012

More than 600 people came in from the cold in central London on Monday evening for a warming taste of the best in kosher wine and spirits.

The drinks were on Kedem Europe, which hosted the Kosher Food and Wine Experience at the Park Lane Hotel.


Keeping kosher is good for us

By Cari Rosen, February 3, 2012

When it comes to food fads, life can be terribly confusing. One minute the doctors are telling us that eating butter will blow our cholesterol sky high and we must avoid it like the plague. The next? Butter is hailed as a hero in a world of margarine scare stories.


Gingrich attacks Romney's kosher vote ahead of Florida primary

By Jennifer Lipman, January 30, 2012

Newt Gingrich's team has found a new tactic with which to challenge Mitt Romney as the Republican frontrunners gear up for the first presidential primary in which a large number of Jewish voters have a say.


Jailed Jesus fights for right to kosher food

By Jennifer Lipman, January 17, 2012

A Californian prisoner called Jesus is fighting for the right to be served kosher meals.

Margarito Jesus Garcia is serving a 15 year sentence for second degree murder.

Born a Catholic, he claims he has been practising Messianic Judaism for two years and that he should therefore be given kosher food. The prison's Jewish chaplain has dismissed his newfound faith as insincerely held.


Israeli chief rabbinate puts lid on Häagen-Dazs

By Jennifer Lipman, January 16, 2012

Israeli ice cream lovers may have to find a new flavour, after Israel's chief rabbinate suggested Häagen-Dazs products were not kosher.

The ice cream company uses liquid milk instead of milk powder for flavours such as pralines and cream and crème brulee, which the chief rabbinate's kashrut department said represented "a severe infringement of kashrut procedures."


Want kosher food from Asda? Try the 'antichrist'

By Jennifer Lipman, January 4, 2012

Asda has explained why a search for kosher food on its website prompted the response "antichrist".

A JC reader was shocked to discover the word given when he searched whether the supermarket stocked products made by the well-known kosher food company "Manischewitz".


Pub drinks to licence

By Jennifer Lipman, December 29, 2011

A Golders Green pub will be celebrating the New Year with a kosher licence.

Earlier this year, the owners of The Castle, on the junction between Cricklewood Lane and Finchley Road, announced plans to rebrand as a Jewish venue.

For New Year's Eve revellers, its restaurant will be under Federation supervision.

The restaurant will serve kosher versions of pub staples, from an English breakfa


Hope for kosher slaughter in Holland

By Jessica Elgot, December 21, 2011

The Dutch government will not ban shechitah or halal slaughter outright – but will draw up new guidelines in an attempt to satisfy animal rights activists.

A commission will be appointed to draw up tighter procedures for slaughter.


Talking turkey - organically speaking

By Jessica Elgot and Cathy Forman, December 1, 2011

Britain's first organic kosher turkeys will go on sale next week, after more than 20 years of campaigning for organic certification.

The Soil Association has historically refused to certify kosher meat as organic because of the method of slaughter without stunning. This year, more than 300 people signed an online petition demanding that the guidelines be changed.


How the Chief Rabbi brought home bacon

By Jennifer Lipman, November 24, 2011

In recent years we've highlighted an airline serving bacon on a flight to Israel and an Israeli cookbook offering recipes dedicated to pig delicacies. But such upsets could be a thing of the past, thanks to the efforts of Israel's Ashkenazi chief rabbi.