Feeding Limmudniks is like catering biggest simchah ever

By Marcus Dysch, December 23, 2014

One of the biggest logistical challenges at the Limmud conference is the task of feeding thousands of people three times a day.

Satisfying hungry Limmudniks requires the largest kosher catering contract in Europe.


No move to ban shechita, MP promises

By Marcus Dysch, November 6, 2014


Animal welfare campaigners in the House of Commons will not seek a vote to ban shechita in Britain, a leading MP has promised.

There is no intention of following the example of anti-Israel backbenchers who forced through a ballot on Palestinian statehood, Neil Parish, chair of a group investigating kosher and halal slaughter, confirmed.


Parliament debates kosher and halal slaughtering methods

By Marcus Dysch, November 4, 2014

More animals slaughtered for food in Britain should undergo stunning before they are killed, an MP investigating kosher and halal practices has urged.

Neil Parish said the government must continue its research into shechita and other religious meat production procedures during a debate in Parliament.


Marmite may get kosher stamp after all

By Naomi Firsht, October 30, 2014

Unilever is looking for ways to make Marmite kosher again after a backlash against the ban on kosher South African imports.

The company received complaints and comments were posted on social media when supplies were cut off.

But a Unilever spokesman has confirmed that London Beth Din will visit the Marmite manufacturing site next week.


Butcher sold fake kosher cuts 'for years'

By Josh Jackman, October 23, 2014

Two German butchers have admitted to selling 88,000lb of fake kosher meat to boost their profits.

The owners of Frankfurt's Aviv store made more than £440,000 by peddling cheap cuts of beef and lamb to Jewish individuals, schools and other institutions at marked-up prices.


German butchers sold fake kosher meat 'for years'

By Josh Jackman, October 22, 2014

Two German butchers have admitted to selling 88,000 lb of fake kosher meat to turn a higher profit.

The owners of Frankfurt’s Aviv store made more than £440,000 by peddling cheap cuts of beef and lamb to Jewish individuals, schools and other institutions at marked-up prices.


Spread the word: Marmite just isn't kosher any more

By Naomi Firsht, October 14, 2014

Whether you love it or you hate it, you won't be able to buy it - kosher Marmite has disappeared from shops in the UK.

Unilever, the multi-national which owns the Marmite brand, has banned the import of the kosher version of the spread from South Africa.

It says the trade is illegal and infringes its trademark.


Scientists claim shechita makes no difference to blood loss in slaughtered animals

By Marcus Dysch, September 23, 2014

Scientists claim tests on halal and kosher meat have found no significant difference in blood loss when animals are killed after being stunned.

Under the shechita process animals are not stunned before slaughter, a practice animal rights campaigners oppose.


Outcry over Sainsbury’s removal of kosher produce

By Marcus Dysch, August 18, 2014

Sainsbury’s has claimed the removal of kosher food from the shelves of a central London store was a precaution against possible violence.

Customers complained after staff at the firm’s Holborn branch emptied a chill cabinet of kosher produce on Saturday afternoon.

It came shortly after anti-Israel activists attacked products in a branch of Tesco in Birmingham.


The happy chicken or the non-kosher egg?

By Rosa Doherty and Simon Rocker , May 30, 2014

All those eggs you bought thinking they were kosher may not quite be as they seem, writes Rosa Docherty. According to the Jewish Vegetarian Society, it only needs a hen to be later killed the wrong way for its eggs to lose kashrut status.

The organisation says that for an egg to be kosher it needs to be from a chicken that has suffered needless harm neither in life nor death.