Ken Livingstone

Oona King set for mayoral challenge

By Jennifer Lipman, May 24, 2010

Former MP Oona King is expected to announce this week that she will challenge Ken Livingstone to become Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London.

If selected she would be taking on current Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson, at the election in May 2012.

The contest will take place during Labour’s conference in September, the same week the Miliband brothers will be battling it out for the party leadership.

King, who has a Jewish mother, lost her Bethnal Green and Bow seat in the 2005 general election to Respect’s George Galloway by just 823 votes.


Ken lost us, then lost London

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 16, 2008

The statistics indicate that if Livingstone had apologised to London’s Jews, he may have won

What part did the Jews of London play in the ousting of its former mayor, Ken Livingstone? The circumstantial evidence is compelling, and points to a vindication of Nicky Gavron’s claim (reported in last week’s JC) that a Jewish backlash made a significant contribution to his loss of office.


Ken was ‘hit by Jewish rows’

By Simon Rocker, May 9, 2008

Livingstone’s deputy admits Qaradawi and Finegold affairs ‘damaged’ him

Nicky Gavron, the outgoing deputy mayor of London, acknowledged this week that the Qaradawi and Finegold incidents had cost Ken Livingstone Jewish votes.

Ms Gavron, the only Jewish politician on the London Assembly, noted that the mayor had eventually apologised over comparing Jewish journalist Oliver Finegold to a concentration-camp guard.


I’m the victim of smear campaigns, says mayor

By Simon Rocker, April 25, 2008

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, believes that he was the victim of orchestrated campaigns over incidents that have produced outrage within the Jewish community during his recent term of office.

Speaking to the JC ahead of next Thursday’s Mayoral election, the capital’s Labour’s leader criticised reaction to his welcome of the Islamic cleric Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi in 2004 and his comparison of a Jewish journalist to a concentration-camp guard.


Why Livingstone gets my vote

By Jonathan Freedland, April 11, 2008

We should vote for the man who is best for London, not who is best for the Jews

I wouldn’t vote for Ken Livingstone to be the next head of the United Synagogue. If he was running for the chairmanship of the Jewish National Fund, he wouldn’t have my backing. And if he wanted to lead the Zionist Federation, he could count me out.