Jubilee recipe: raspberry, blueberry and vanilla macaroons

By Alan Montague, May 31, 2012

Makes 36 small macaroons

For the macaroons:

150g ground almonds

180g icing sugar

150g egg whites (approx 4 large egg whites)

60g caster sugar

3 tsp vanilla extract or one large vanilla pod
Red and blue food colouring paste (make sure you do not use liquid colouring)

For the ganache:

250ml double cream

50g unsalted butter

3 vanilla pods


Gary Barlow, the Queen, and me: Ben’s amazing trip

By Marcus Dysch, May 31, 2012

As royalists from around the globe arrive in London for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, a television producer has described how he travelled further than most to be part of the simchah.

Ben Winston spent more than a month filming around the Commonwealth with Take That star Gary Barlow for a documentary about the official Jubilee song, Sing.


Why I love the Queen, the majestic mensch

By Maureen Lipman, May 31, 2012

To me the queen is very klug (smart). She keeps her own counsel. She is discreet, patient and astonishingly hard-working.

She never lets age, anxiety or fatigue stand between her and her commitment to duty. She is wary but never world- weary, wise and warmer than you’d think. She is interested, curious and surprisingly open- minded.


Chief Rabbi’s prayer for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

By Lord Jonathan Sacks, May 31, 2012

We the members of this holy congregation, together with the members of the United Hebrew Congregations of the commonwealth, join in prayer and thanksgiving for Our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth on the Diamond Jubilee of her accession to the throne.


Jubilee recipe: strawberry and almond cupcakes

By Ren Behan, May 31, 2012

Makes 18

For the cupcakes:

280g caster sugar

280g butter, room temperature

4 eggs

125g ground almonds

185ml milk

280g self-raising flour

For the icing:

250g unsalted butter, room temperature; 500g icing sugar

1 tspn good quality strawberry flavouring or essence, or vanilla extract

To decorate:

Handful of strawberries, quartered


The coin boss set to royally cash in from the Queen's Jubilee

By Candice Krieger, May 31, 2012

Investing in gold is simple. In fact, anyone can do it says gold coin entrepreneur Alan Demby.

The 57-year-old is the owner of the Scoin Shop, the world’s only high-street gold coin retailer, selling collectable and bullion coins. He is about to roll-out several dozen stores in malls and airports across the UK in an attempt to “democratise” buying gold and bring it to the mass market.