Is the BBC really still our Guardian of the truth?

By Alex Brummer, July 23, 2015

Once in a while, I am invited to do a short interview about finance on the BBC4 Today programme or Radio 5. Obligingly, they send round the radio car (actually a large van with a mast) along with an engineer, and on the counter inside sits the Guardian. In fact, the BBC buys more copies of the Guardian than any other national newspaper.


Football club threatens JC over Israeli player

By Sandy Rashty, July 23, 2015

Brighton & Hove Albion football club has attempted to suppress a report about its Israeli player, Tomer Hemed, posing for photographs with pro-Israel activists.

Mr Hemed spotted the small group of Israeli flag-waving demonstrators in the city centre last weekend. They were attending a regular fortnightly protest.


Memorial planned in journalist's honour

July 9, 2015

A permanent memorial to American Jewish journalist Steven Sotloff is set to be created by the Florida community in which he grew up.

He was murdered by Daesh terrorists last year after being kidnapped in Syria.


CAA accuses BBC over hatred hotline claims

By Marcus Dysch, March 26, 2015

A grassroots organisation working to combat antisemitism has accused the BBC of inaccurate reporting after the corporation said a new hotline had been established to deal with Jew-hatred.

BBC online published a story on Sunday morning about the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) initiative.

It suggested a CAA telephone service would be set up for people to report incidents and attacks on Je


This odd obsession which distorts how Israel is viewed

By Yiftah Curiel, March 12, 2015

In his book Science of Logic, the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel examines the transition from quantity to quality - that is to say, the moment when a gradual quantitative process brings about a significant qualitative change.

The terms "quantity" and "quality" are central to understanding the effect that media coverage of Israel is having on how the country is perceived.


Bowen's shame over Holocaust remark

By Alan Johnson, March 5, 2015

'The Livingstone Formulation' is a term coined by the academic David Hirsh to refer to the practice of responding to claims of antisemitism by alleging that those making the claim are only doing so to prevent Israel from being criticised. In other words, the Jews are accused of "playing the antisemitism card".


What evidence? Guardian presents dodgy dossier on Iran's bomb project

By Emanuele Ottolenghi, February 26, 2015

The Guardian and al Jazeera were handed another treasure trove of leaked intelligence files this week, purportedly from a South African intelligence source.


This is why they blame us

By Matti Friedman, February 5, 2015

One night several years ago, I came out of Bethlehem after a reporting assignment and crossed through the Israeli military checkpoint between that city and its neighbour, Jerusalem, where I live. With me were perhaps a dozen Palestinian men, mostly in their 30s - my age. No soldiers were visible at the entrance to the checkpoint, a precaution against suicide bombers.


BBC won't call Paris killers 'terrorists'

By Rosa Doherty, January 29, 2015

A senior BBC executive has revealed the corporation avoids using the term "terrorist" to describe the Islamists who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Tarik Kafala, head of the BBC Arabic Service, said the word was too "loaded" for reporters to use when describing the two men who killed 12 people in the attack on the French magazine in Paris.

But a BBC spokesperson rejected any suggesti


Landau, the interrogator who bridged the divide

By Anshel Pfeffer, January 29, 2015

David Landau, who died on Tuesday aged 67 after a long battle with cancer, was a rare writer and journalist in a country that does not lack for polemicists.

He bridged social divides that to others were uncrossable chasms.