The Sound of Purim with the JNF

By Jennifer Lipman, March 22, 2011

Around 1,000 students and young professionals descended on London club Sound on Saturday night to celebrate the festival of fancy dress and hamantashen in aid of the JNF.

More than 1,500 was raised for the charity on the night, which was organised by the Young JNF committee, Nana Events and Tango Down.



Young JNF is set for party season relaunch

By Simon Rocker, March 17, 2011

JNF is to relaunch its programme for young people with a Purim party in the West End of London on Saturday.

Other events planned by Young JNF, which will replace JNF Future, include a sponsored skydive to mark the JNF's 110th anniversary in May and a baby fair for young mothers in June.


Hayek to resist JLC's fees claim

By Simon Rocker, March 10, 2011

JNF UK has hit back over claims that it left the Jewish Leadership Council last week owing thousands of pounds in subscription.

JLC chairman Vivian Wineman had accused the charity of owing more than £10,000 in membership fees, plus another £15,000 which it had failed to contribute to the community's anti-boycott campaign.


Defiant JNF wants to boost its brand

By Barry Frankfurt, March 3, 2011

In what could be the tale of two chairmen, the UK Jewish community's relationship with Israel is being defined by the words and actions of UJIA's Mick Davis and JNF UK's Samuel Hayek. The broad communal consensus that the Board of Deputies looked to promote through its failed motion on the two-state solution is looking increasingly unlikely.


JNF quits leadership council after dispute

By Simon Rocker, March 3, 2011

One of the oldest Jewish charities, JNF UK, has been accused of "withdrawing from communal life" by deciding to quit the Jewish Leadership Council.

JNF chairman Samuel Hayek, writing in today's JC, said he had resigned his seat at the council because of the JLC's escalating costs and its executive's failure to listen to other members.


Why JNF UK has sadly decided to leave the JLC

By Samuel Hayek, March 3, 2011

Since the publication of Der Judenstaat - The Jewish State - in 1896 by Theodor Herzl, the very idea of a modern state of Israel has been constantly undermined and the state itself has had to survive multiple threats to its existence.

In the decades following independence, Israel's enemies tried to wipe it off the map through conventional warfare. They failed and Israel thrived.


JNF leaves JLC over Israel support

By Jennifer Lipman, February 25, 2011

JNF UK has walked out of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC), following rumours that it was considering such a move.

According to the Jerusalem Post the organisation has parted company with the 30-member council over concern about the JLC’s stance on Israel.


JNF say no to UK Arab task force

By Simon Rocker, February 24, 2011

JNF UK has decided to keep its distance from a recently established task force to increase awareness among British Jews of issues faced by Israel's Arab citizens.


Leadership Council role re-think

By Simon Rocker, February 24, 2011

JNF UK has refused to quell speculation that it is reconsidering its membership of the Jewish Leadership Council.


JNF legacy makes good sports of Yavneh pupils

February 17, 2011

Yavneh College's new sports centre, which was built with the support of JNF UK, has been formally dedicated at a ceremony.

The facility carries a plaque to commemorate Mancunian Edgar Prosser, who died, aged 71, in 1977.

He left a trust fund in Lichtenstein for the use of three beneficiaries, including his sister, during their lives, after which the proceeds were to go to the JNF to distribute to charities "in England and Israel".