JNF sees the wood from the trees as it builds in Negev

By Daniel Sugarman, September 8, 2016

For those of a certain age, JNF conjures up images of trees and blue boxes.

But Alan Aziz, who took over as JNF UK chief executive a year ago, says there is now less need for forestation, leading the charity to branch out into kindergartens, hospitals, mobile medical units, after-school projects and youth centres. They have one thing in common - their Negev location.


JNF's eco-plan for refugees

By Sandy Rashty, May 19, 2016

An Israeli charity is planning to employ thousands of Syria refugees as part of a project to regenerate a forest in Europe.


Ambassador applauds JNF's Negev contribution

February 19, 2015

The difference JNF UK fundraising is making to the Negev was highlighted at a reception celebrating its work which was hosted by Israel envoy Daniel Taub and his wife Zehava.

Michael Biton, mayor of Negev town Yerucham, was guest speaker. He explained the role of JNF in its development, in particular an early childhood centre which will be completed in 2017.


JNF hits back at comedian who called it racist

By Josh Jackman, December 16, 2014

The JNF has said that a comedian’s comment that the charity is “racist” is “his most comical yet.”

Ivor Dembina banned comedians from his Traditional Jewish Xmas Eve Show if they had performed at the JNF annual Kosher Komedy Night.


Hayek's attack

September 23, 2014

JNF UK chairman Samuel Hayek renewed his attack on the communal leadership. At a JNF dinner in London he criticised "the silence of those who proclaim to be the leaders of Anglo-Jewry," in the midst of the antisemitism sparked by Israel's operation in Gaza.

"The self-appointed leadership of the Jewish community turned out to be no leaders at all," he said.


Anti-Israel activists want Tzipi Livni banned from Britain

By Marcus Dysch, April 10, 2014


Anti-Israel activists are asking MPs to lobby Home Secretary Theresa May in an attempt to have Israel’s Justice Minister Tzipi Livni banned from Britain.

Ms Livni is due to speak in London on May 15 at two events organised by the JNF.

A spokesman for the “Stop the JNF” campaign told supporters in Parliament on Monday that MPs were now being lobbied by the group.


Leaders back Mick Davis after ‘unprovoked' JNF chief attack

By Simon Rocker, March 20, 2014

A group of communal figures has condemned the attack on Jewish Leadership Council chairman Mick Davis made by JNF UK head Samuel Hayek.

In a JC article last week, Mr Hayek lambasted “this wretched armchair Zionist leadership”, saying that Mr Davis should support the Israeli government rather than publicly criticise it over the peace process.


Our leadership's failing - it's time to act

By Samuel Hayek, March 13, 2014

The residents of southern Israel have braved wave after wave of deadly missile fire, the courageous men and women of the Israeli Defence Forces put their lives on the line every single day to secure a Jewish future in the land of Israel. There are warnings emanating from the US administration of a potential threat of a third Intifada and a boycott which will affect all of the residents of Israel.


JNF head attacks Mick Davis over Israel

By Simon Rocker, March 13, 2014

The chairman of JNF UK, Samuel Hayek, has launched a withering attack on Jewish Leadership Council chief Mick Davis for criticising the Israeli government and for his “wretched armchair Zionist leadership”.


Charity launches appeal to aid Israeli children

By Sandy Rashty, January 17, 2014

JNF UK is calling on British Jews to support its children's appeal.

The charity’s Green Sunday Appeal, which launches this weekend, is raising funds for an early childhood centre in the Negev – providing care for children up to the age of six.