'How we overcame the nerves on our first day at a new senior school'

By Daniel Dutch and Tal Simchowitz, September 10, 2015

As expected, we were filled with nerves, but on the other hand excitement was kicking in as we looked forward to our first day at JFS. When we arrived, we saw a crowd of friendly and eager fellow Year Sevens greeting each other, together starting a new milestone of our lives.


Anger as JFS bungles timing of GCSE maths exam

By Charlotte Oliver, June 4, 2015

A GCSE maths exam at JFS was “ruined” on Thursday morning, after the school admitted to bungling its timings.

Parents and pupils in Year 11 complained, following the early morning exam.


A night of good sports

By Charlotte Oliver, June 4, 2015

JFS honoured its finest athletes on Thursday evening at the school's sixth annual sports awards.

Taking the top prize for sports person of the year was Amanda Tropp, the British under-17 trampoline champion, who also went home with the senior dance award.

She narrowly beat karate champion Hannah Freund and gymnast Jessica Helfgott to claim the title.


JFS hands exam ban to muck-up day miscreants

By Charlotte Oliver, May 28, 2015

Several JFS pupils will not be allowed to sit their GCSE exams at the school following their involvement in the "loutish and dangerous behaviour" that caused 300 teenagers to be sent home.

It is understood that an unknown number of students have been told to make arrangements to take their exams at an alternative venue.

The measure is part of the school's response following events at the JFS


Nepal trekker repaying debt to guide

By Sandy Rashty, May 18, 2015

When the first earthquake shook Nepal, Jonty Hikmet was on a trek in the Himalayan Tsum Valley."It was really scary," recalled the 25-year-old former JFS pupil, who had been travelling around the region, delivering key supplies and giving massages in local villages.


JFS head: 'We're not trying to put the shutters up'

By Charlotte Oliver, April 30, 2015

It is fair to say that, as a headteacher, you can't be shy. With your name on the door and hundreds of students' futures on the line, you stand as "front of house" to a big operation. The school's successes are your successes and, likewise, its failures are your failures.


A new recipe for success at JFS

By Charlotte Oliver, February 19, 2015

As the largest Jewish school in Europe, it can be difficult for JFS to cater for the wide-ranging interests of its student body.

But that is not for lack of trying. This year, the Kenton school launched its new BTEC qualification in hospitality - and six months in, 15 budding masterchefs are singing its praises.


JFS passes inspection

By Simon Rocker, January 8, 2015

JFS, the country's largest Jewish school, has been praised for the quality of its Jewish education by Pikuach, the Board of Deputies-run inspection service.

A report published this week rates the school's Jewish studies as good overall, with a number of outstanding features. Inspectors found "a very positive and healthy climate for learning.


Michael Bublé helps former JFS student propose to his girlfriend

By Sandy Rashty, December 17, 2014
When former JFS student Anthony Goldman took his girlfriend Louisa Kremer to a Michael Bublé concert he planned more than a backstage meeting with the award-winning Canadian performer.

The nervous 25-year-old took the opportunity to interrupt Mr Bublé mid-song, got down on one knee and proposed to a shocked Ms Kremer.


Facebook gives head start to new JFS leaders

November 20, 2014

To say that elections for head boy and girl of JFS were hotly contested would be an understatement as no fewer than 34 students entered the ring this year.

After being grilled by a panel of students and teachers, the candidates were whittled down to eight boys and seven girls for a further week of canvassing.

The campaign went online with videos posted on Facebook before sixthformers, teach