Jewish law

Get took five desperate years, now I'll be shunned

By Leon Symons, July 30, 2009

A strictly Orthodox woman featured in a new television programme dealing with gittin (religious divorces) has revealed that in desperation she obtained a get from a non-Orthodox religious authority.

Miriam Saleh speaks for the first time about her five-year ordeal of trying to obtain a get from her husband in the Channel 4 documentary Revelations: Divorce – Jewish Styleo be screened on Sunday.


Is it ethical to ‘hijack’ an Internet connection?

By Rabbi Harvey Belovski, August 14, 2008

We look at piggy-backing - using someone else's wireless web connection without their knowledge

In 2005, a West London man, Gregory Straszkiewicz, was fined £500 and given a 12-month conditional discharge for "hijacking a broadband connection". Using a laptop while sitting in his car, Straszkiewicz had connected to the Internet by piggy-backing on the wireless network of a local resident.


Agunah solution?

By Candice Krieger, August 7, 2008

Secret discussions to help women who are refused a get (a religious divorce) by their husband have reportedly been taking place at Manchester University.

According to Ha'aretz, a group of top rabbis and scholars gathered at the University Centre for Jewish Studies last month. In secret proceedings, it was suggested that a clause should be added to the ketubah - the marriage contract - which would make it possible to annul the marriage if a spouse is not granted a get.


How rabbis take on the software pirates

By Rabbi Harvey Belovski, July 10, 2008

Is it permitted to copy software for personal use?