Jewish Agency

Secret airlift 'ends historic mission to bring Yemenis home'

By Nathan Jeffay, March 23, 2016

Towards the end of last week, 19 Jewish citizens of Yemen, a country embroiled in a bitter civil war, secretly began packing their bags.

On Sunday, the last of them walked through the arrivals hall in Ben Gurion airport to start new lives in Israel.


Review: Phoenix

By Brigit Grant, May 9, 2015

Many years ago while working on a newspaper story in Germany, I attended a Friday-night service at a synagogue in Munich. The elderly rabbi was a Holocaust survivor who had returned to the city of his birth after Dachau camp was liberated and I kept looking at him and wondering why?


Aliyah News: UK beating Europe as place to call home

By Nathan Jeffay and Simon Rocker, January 2, 2014

Aliyah experts agree that the improving economy and lowering threat of antisemitism in Britain is leaving it well ahead of its European neighbours as a place for Jews to live.

The latest figures from the Jewish Agency for Israel for 2013 show that while aliyah from the UK dropped by 27 per cent, across Western Europe it grew by 35 per cent.


Lukewarm reception for vast new Jewish Agency fund

By Bernard Josephs, August 23, 2013

A multi-million-dollar Jewish Agency initiative aimed at reinforcing Israel’s ties with the diaspora has got off to a mixed start.

The programme, which is expected to achieve an annual budget of $300 million, has been dubbed “The Prime Minister’s Initiative” by Agency officials.


Jewish Agency setting up network for gay olim

By Simon Rocker, August 1, 2013

The Jewish Agency is setting up a network for new gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) olim at the initiative of a British immigrant.

Roy Freeman, 40, who is originally from Luton, moved to Israel last year after spending 11 years in Australia, where he chaired an LGBT group Dayenu in Sydney.


No more aliyah delays, British families are promised

By Josh Jackman, July 18, 2013

British Jews planning to make aliyah this summer have been told that there will be no more disruptions resulting from industrial action by Israeli Foreign Ministry staff.

The Jewish Agency for Israel informed new immigrants that it has “found a temporary solution to the problem which will involve bringing the olim to Israel as tourists and changing their status in Israel”.


Natan Sharansky and Benjamin Netanyahu to attend Thatcher funeral

By Jennifer Lipman, April 15, 2013

Israel will be represented by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a prominent former Soviet dissident at Margaret Thatcher's funeral on Wednesday.

The Israeli leader will be joined by former Soviet refusenik Natan Sharansky, who is now the chairman of the Jewish Agency.


Praise for Sharansky's indomitable spirit on freedom anniversary

By Jennifer Lipman, February 23, 2011

Former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky has marked 25 years since he escaped from behind the Iron Curtain.

Mr Sharansky, now the chairman of the Jewish Agency, spent almost ten years in a Siberian gulag as punishment for his political activism.

His lengthy struggle for freedom finally came to an end in February 1986, when he stepped across a bridge in Berlin and was then able to make aliyah to Israel.


Cuts hit Jewish Agency aliyah staff

July 30, 2010

There was confusion in Manchester this week about the future of dedicated Jewish Agency emissaries for aliyah.

Next week, the northern Aliyah shaliach (emissary), Alon Aron, based in Manchester, finishes his three-year term. Mr Alon said as far as he was aware, he would be replaced.

But Michael Jankelowitz, the Jewish Agency's spokesman, said there is currently a "worldwide streamlining exercise" to offer smaller communities the services of a shared roving aliyah emissary. He said major cities like London would continue to have their own permanent aliyah shaliach.