Obama woos Israel lobby

By Nathan Guttman, June 6, 2008

The largest-ever conference of pro-Israel activists convened in Washington DC this week. It took a political flavour as presidential candidates used the event to tout their pro-Israel credentials and tried to court the Jewish community for support in the coming November elections.

The main message sent out by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) focused on the need to take tough measures against Iran. Presidential hopefuls followed suit, promising to increase pressure on Tehran, if and when elected to the White House.


The grand Scopus of Berman's batmitzvah

June 6, 2008

Natalie Berman had a belated batmitzvah ceremony at Mount Scopus, overlooking Jerusalem, after taking part in the FZY year scheme. The 19-year-old from Stanmore said it was “a wonderful experience. It meant a lot to me that my mum flew out for it. I can’t read Hebrew very well so it was a real achievement that I did not make any mistakes.”


Jerusalem Day? I’ve never heard of it

By Shelly Paz, June 6, 2008

Orthodox jews took to the streets of the Israeli capital on Monday to celebrate Jerusalem Day.

It has become a key event in the Israeli calendar and marks the moment that the city was reunited after the Six-Day War.

But it was one that past laregely without comment in London as few in the community had ever heard of it.

“The fact that I didn't know about it maybe means it should be a lot better publicised than it is, said Candice Joseph, 22, a research worker at the Institute of Psychiatry. "But now that I have been told what is it all about, it means a lot.”


Settlements get go-ahead

By Anshel Pfeffer, April 4, 2008

Prime minister Ehud Olmert has promised Shas that building will go on in settlements around Jerusalem, despite US demands that Israel desist from building across the Green Line.

Shas has come under increasing pressure both from right-wing elements and its ultra-Orthodox rival, United Torah Judaism, to leave the coalition over the building freeze and concessions that the government has made to the Palestinian Authority.