Jenny Tonge

Tonge beyond pale

September 24, 2015

Since her departure from the LibDems in the House of Lords, the witterings of Baroness Tonge have been easy to ignore.


Lord Mitchell attacks ‘hypocrisy’ of anti-Israel campaigners

By Marcus Dysch, October 31, 2014

Jewish peers have highlighted what they said was the hypocrisy of singling out Israel for blame in the ongoing troubles of the Middle East.

They voiced concerns over the focus on Israel’s actions in Gaza despite the growth of Islamic State, the continuing civil war in Syria, and Russian belligerence in Eastern Europe.


Israel behaving like Russia in Crimea, say peers

By Marcus Dysch, March 25, 2014

Britain has "serious concerns" about Israeli activity in the Palestinian territories, Baroness Warsi has told the House of Lords.

The Foreign Office minister said on Monday that Britain had "raised cases with the Israeli authorities" relating to the killing and injuring of civilians, policing of non-violent demonstrations, and treatment of child detainees.


Tonge’s dream — it’s a nightmare for Israel

By Marcus Dysch, January 16, 2014

Jenny Tonge has a dream — that one day, Israel should no longer be Jewish.

The controversial baroness, who resigned from the Liberal Democrats two years ago after making anti-Israel comments, was at it again in the House of Lords, this time echoing the famous speech by civil rights leader Martin Luther King.


Ward affair erodes support for LibDems after Tonge

By Martin Bright, February 21, 2013

The David Ward affair continues to rumble on, driving a further wedge between the Liberal Democrats and the UK Jewish population. The party has acted to give the Bradford East MP what Nick Clegg has described as a "yellow card". But it is unclear what purpose this was intended to serve.


Blood libel cleric Raed Salah was wronged, says Baroness Tonge

By Marcus Dysch, February 14, 2013

Blood libel cleric Raed Salah should be invited to London to take part in a peace conference for Israelis and Palestinians, a House of Lords debate has heard.


Brighton MP Lucas challenges IDF at pro-Israel lobby

By Sandy Rashty, January 24, 2013

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas told constituents that Israeli authorities were responsible for “blocking humanitarian aid” and “humiliating” the people of Gaza during a pro-Israel lobby day in Parliament.


No support for Tonge's G4S Israel idea

By Jennifer Lipman, July 17, 2012

A suggestion that security agency G4S should relocate staff from Israel to serve at the Olympic village was roundly dismissed by a Home Office minister during a parliamentary debate.

Jenny Tonge, who in February resigned from the Liberal Democrats following anti-Israel comments made at an Israel Apartheid Week event, made the comment during a discussion on Olympic security.


Baroness still raising questions

By Marcus Dysch, March 8, 2012

When Baroness Tonge resumed her normal business this week, asking a Foreign Office minister about alleged Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians, observers could have been forgiven for wondering whether her query on "forced expulsion" was raised with a tinge of self-interest.


Hating Israel is not a get-out-of-jail-free card to grant automatic immunity from charge of loathing Jews

By Howard Jacobson, March 8, 2012

Can a wish be genocidal? In Baroness Tonge's case, yes. If wishes were horses, bigots would ride. That the baroness will now appear in the martyrology of those who suffer for their opposition to Israel goes without saying.