JC Charity Appeal

Calendar Girls - shot in a Manchester bakery

By Jessica Elgot, October 27, 2011

Twelve Manchester Jewish women will celebrate their 50th birthdays on a city-centre billboard, wearing nothing but a smile.

Inspired by the famous "Calendar Girls", the women have created a special calendar in aid of a breast cancer charity, posing naked with strategically placed props to keep their modesty intact.


A lifeline for women facing abuse at home

By Dana Gloger, October 17, 2008

AS Jewish Women's Aid makes headway in heightening awareness of domestic abuse in the community, growing numbers of women are turning to the charity for support. Yet as demand for its services rises, its resources have become severely stretched.

"We are very keen on educating people and increasing their awareness of domestic abuse," says JWA campaign manager Gay Waldman. "But with more people hearing about us, we are getting more and more referrals."


Why Chai deserves your support

By Marcus Dysch, October 8, 2008

Providing a support network for Jewish cancer patients of all ages is a difficult task. Raising more than £1 million to keep that service running is no easier.

Chai Cancer Care provides wide-ranging assistance to anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis. The charity provides patients, their families and friends with advice, counselling and therapy, regardless of synagogue affiliation.


The chaplaincy that students rely upon

By Marcus Dysch, October 3, 2008

As the range of issues dealt with by University Jewish Chaplaincy rises, so does the strain on its resources.

Executive director Rabbi Yoni Sherizen warns that UJC faces "a real challenge" to maintain the services of its nine-chaplain network to an estimated 3,500 Jewish students.

The charity has been forced significantly to increase fundraising efforts over the past year, and Rabbi Sherizen acknowledges that generating almost £1 million will be difficult in the prevailing financial climate.


The three good causes we urge you to support

By Barry Toberman, September 26, 2008

For the second year, we are urging readers to donate to charities, nominated by you, that might otherwise be overlooked in the High Holy-Day season. Here are this year's beneficiaries

University Jewish Chaplaincy, Chai Cancer Care and Jewish Women's Aid are the beneficiaries of the second JC Charity Appeal.


JC Charity Appeal shortlists 11 charities

September 12, 2008

Eleven charities have made the shortlist for the JC's second Charity Appeal, designed to support worthy causes which might be overlooked during the Yomtov fundraising season.

Maureen Lipman, Esther Rantzen, Baroness Neuberger and Sir Howard Bernstein are among our nine judges who considered all nominations from readers or the charities themselves.

Their shortlist includes University Jewish Chaplaincy, Chai Cancer Care, the New Israel Fund and Jewish Women's Aid.


Help a deserving cause

August 21, 2008

There is still time for readers to nominate a deserving cause for the second JC Charity Appeal.

The appeal is aimed at helping communal charities which may be overlooked during the main Yomtov fundraising season.

Nominations are accepted from readers or the charities themselves and can be in respect of general activities or specific projects.


Crunch time for charities

By Leon Symons, August 8, 2008

Jewish charities are suffering grave financial effects from the credit crunch sweeping the UK.

Charities in all areas - from single-issue organisations to those with larger remits - have seen donations fall as people find themselves with less disposable income while spending more on utility bills.

The cost of kosher food has also risen dramatically this year, meaning charities are having to spend far more on running costs.


Lipman and Rantzen join our appeal panel

July 11, 2008

Maureen Lipman, Esther Rantzen and Baroness Neuberger are among the judging panel for the second JC Charity Appeal, which we launch today.

Over the coming weeks, readers are invited to nominate charities or specific charity projects which might not attract the support they deserve over the High Holy Day fundraising period.