Italian Jews rush to help quake victims

By Rossela Tercatin, September 1, 2016

Jews across Italy have joined forces to help the victims of last week's devastating earthquake in central Italy.

The 6.2-magnitude quake hit a collection of hilltop towns in the regions of Umbria, Marche and Lazio at 3.36am on Wednesday August 24, killing at least 290 people and leaving more than 400 injured.

The same morning, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI), the Jewish Commun


Racist fans target Italian football pundit

By Anna Momigliano, March 3, 2016

"I am proudly waiting for the next antisemitic chant. Go on as much as you like, cowards", David Guetta, an Italian radio football commentator, wrote on his blog after being the victim of a racist attack in London.


The soldier who a created a haven from the hell of the Holocaust

By Karen Glaser, October 8, 2015

Some thought he was a psychologist, others called him a teacher and many knew him as a soldier.

What is certain is that Moshe Ze'iri had a remarkable - if category-resistant - career.

Mr Ze'iri was a member of a Jewish-Palestinian unit in the British army, which was stationed in northern Italy immediately after the war.


Our Roman voyage of rediscovery and Jewish identity

By Livia Albeck-Ripka, August 24, 2015

In a climate of increasing antisemitism in Europe, Rome's young Jews are redefining their identity through get-togethers, treasure hunts and bike rides around the ancient city.


Tailor's cutter who became king of Lampedusa

May 21, 2015

This tiny Italian island 200km south of Sicily has repeatedly hit the headlines as one of the target-destinations for thousands of African migrants to Europe.

However, Lampedusa is also known for a happier story of arrival.


Leading Italian rabbi Elio Toaff dies aged 99

By Sandy Rashty, April 22, 2015

Rome’s Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff – who fought the Nazis and strengthened relations between the Italian Jewish community and Catholic Church after centuries of mistrust – died on Sunday.


Hungarian 'raging antisemite' envoy quits after days on job

By Valentina Jovanovski, July 31, 2014

The man nominated to be Hungary's ambassador to Italy, who has expressed strongly antisemitic views and written for a far-right publication, has left his job under two weeks after the news of his appointment went public.

Péter Szentmihályi Szabó notified the Foreign Ministry that he did not want the position following heavy criticism from opposition parties and Jewish groups.


Italian politician follows retouched Auschwitz photo with hate rant

By Orlando Radice, April 24, 2014

Italian politician and comedian Beppe Grillo has refused to apologise for using Primo Levi’s Shoah poem If This is a Man to attack the government — and employed a series of classic antisemitic tropes to defend his actions.


‘Italy is slave to bankers like the Rothschilds’

By Rossella Tercatin, December 19, 2013

Antisemitic comments by a leader of a major new protest movement in Italy have sparked a mixture of outrage and resignation, and have been condemned by the prime minister.


Woman visits Italian concentration camp where she was born

By Julie Carbonara, October 11, 2013

Last week, Judith Itzhak, a 72-year-old physiotherapist from Tel Aviv, went back to the Ferramonti concentration camp in southern Italy, which she entered as a new-born in 1940.

Ms Itzhak had been invited to make the visit by Rabbi Barbara Aiello of the Serrastretta Synagogue in Calabria, who has made it her mission to explore the Jewish presence in the region.