Multi-billion funds mull Israel exit

By Anshel Pfeffer, January 23, 2014

The international pressure on Israel to cease settlement-building and reach an agreement with the Palestinians is beginning to directly affect its economic prospects as European investment funds start to rethink their connections to the Jewish state.


Astronaut wanted, must speak Hebrew

By Rosa Doherty, January 23, 2014

Admirers of Israel’s high-tech prowess this week had another reason to celebrate: the Jewish state intends to put a man in space.

The Israel Space Agency (ISA) has been in talks with its US, European, Russian and Chinese counterparts about dispatching an astronaut to stay on the International Space Station.


Israel to send astronaut into space

By Rosa Doherty, January 22, 2014

Israel has confirmed it has plans to send an astronaut into space.

The Israel Space Agency (ISA) has held talks with the US, European, Russian and Chinese space agencies about dispatching an astronaut to stay on the International Space Station.


Labour MP denies he compared Israel to Nazis in tweet

By Marcus Dysch, January 20, 2014

A Labour MP’s tweet which appeared to compare Israel to the Nazis was “poorly-worded”, the party has admitted.

Grahame Morris posted a message on Sunday showing what appeared to be a group of protesters waving an Israeli flag.

Alongside it he wrote: “Nazis in my village - do you see the flag they fly.”


Israeli court orders exhumation of dead Palestinian terrorists

By Rosa Doherty, January 20, 2014

Palestinian militants killed by Israelis have been exhumed and returned to their families for reburial.

Among the bodies is that of Majdi Khanafer, a resident of a village south of Jenin who was killed in 2002 by the IDF as he was on his way to carry out an attack.


Multi-billion European funders consider divesting from Israel

By Rosa Doherty, January 20, 2014

European investors worth a combined $490 billion are reviewing their holdings in Israeli banks over concerns they are being used to fund Israeli settlements.

Pension funds ABP and KLP and fund houses Nordea Investment and DNB have requested more information from the banks about their involvement in financing settlements.


Jewish leaders condemn Unesco decision to cancel Israel exhibition

By Rosa Doherty, January 17, 2014

Jewish groups have condemned a decision by Unesco - the cultural arm of the United Nations - to cancel an exhibition about Israel following pressure from Arab states.

“The People, the Book, the Land — 3,500 years of ties between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel” was due to open at Unesco's Paris headquarters on Jaunary 20.


Liverpool council rejects anti-Israel motion

By Rosa Doherty, January 17, 2014

Liverpool council has thrown out a motion that condemned Israel for “human rights violations”.

Councillors voted 74 to two against the proposal , put forward by two members of the Green Party.

Labour councillor Jeremy Wolfson said: “The motion only had the support of the two Green councillors. Apart from them it was overwhelmingly rejected by all other parties.”


Britain condemns Gaza rockets

By Daniel Easterman, January 17, 2014

Britain has condemned the firing of five rockets from Gaza into the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon yesterday.

Minister for the Middle East, Hugh Robertson said that the rockets fired into Israel were a “violation of international law”.


Israelis deport activist over his involvement in violent protest in Belfast

By Marcus Dysch, January 17, 2014

A British activist has been deported from Israel because of his role in a university protest.

Gary Spedding, a Newcastle-based student, was detained at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. Israeli officials said he was thrown out of the country due to his involvement in a violent demonstration in Northern Ireland in 2011.