Israel boycott

Stephen Hawking's withdrawal from Israel visit is due to 'health reasons'

By Zoe Winograd, May 8, 2013

Stephen Hawking has announced that his decision to not attend the Israeli President’s Conference is due to “health reasons” and “not an academic boycott” as previously claimed by the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine.


Stephen Hawking to boycott Israel conference

By Zoe Winograd, May 8, 2013

Professor Stephen Hawking has pulled out of a conference to be held in Jerusalem as part of an academic boycott of Israel.

Reportedly, the well-known physicist told Israeli President Shimon Peres that he will not be attending the ‘Facing Tomorrow’ conference in June “based on his knowledge of Palestine.”


Malmo braced for multiple demos ahead of Eurovision

By Nathalie Rothschild, May 3, 2013

Pro-Palestine groups in Malmö, Sweden, are planning a series of actions to protest against Israel’s participation in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, which the city will host in May.

Other Malmö residents are planning a “kippah march” on the day of the Eurovision final to protest against antisemitism.


Boycott 'not to blame' for G4S West Bank exit

By Marcus Dysch, April 25, 2013

Security company G4S has confirmed it will not renew contracts with Israel to manage West Bank security checkpoints.

But the firm said the decision was made two years ago and denied it followed pressure from anti-Israel groups in recent months.


EU backs further labelling of Israeli settlement products

By Marcus Dysch, April 25, 2013

European Union foreign ministers – including British Foreign Secretary William Hague – have backed plans to implement further labelling of products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Britain was one of 12 states to write to EU foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton pledging to assist the union in the “important work” of labelling.


William Hague backs Israel over Uefa football tournament

By Marcus Dysch, April 24, 2013

Foreign Secretary William Hague has backed Israel’s right to host this summer’s Uefa under-21 football tournament.

He said the flagship competition – due to take place at stadiums in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya and Petah Tivka in June – would not obstruct peace efforts in the region.


EU foreign ministers in settlement product labelling drive

By Zoe Winograd, April 22, 2013

EU foreign ministers have shown their support for labelling products from Israeli settlements.

In a letter obtained by AFP on Friday, 13 ministers, including William Hague, told foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton: "We warmly welcome your commitment to work with fellow commissioners to prepare EU-wide guidelines on the labeling of settlement produce."


An Irish union’s boycott fallacy

By Raphael Cohen-Almagor, April 19, 2013

Dr Ilan Saban is a lecturer at the University of Haifa who devotes much of his time defending and promoting the rights of Palestinians. But if he were to post one of his articles on the subject to a journal in Ireland, his envelope might not be opened, simply because it had come from Israel.


Exposing 'legitimate' criticism

By Gerald Steinberg, April 15, 2013

For 65 years, Israel has been the target of an intense political and ideological attack, in parallel to the shooting war, with the objective of isolating and delegitimising the Jewish state. In its current version, the main weapons include exploitation of labels such as "apartheid" and "racist".


Israel boycott activist Roger Waters angry after Jewish talk cancelled

By Jennifer Lipman, April 11, 2013

Roger Waters, one of the most enthusiastic supporters of a boycott of Israel in the entertainment industry, has reacted furiously after a debate he was scheduled to take part in in New York was cancelled. He accused the organisers of refusing "to talk".