Israel boycott

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters star of David pig protest

By Anna Sheinman, September 24, 2013

Jews in Manchester are angry that rock guitarist Roger Waters displayed an inflatable pig bearing a star of David during a concert, even though they warned the venue it would cause offence.

The Pink Floyd frontman, and well known supporter of a boycott of Israel, performed at the phones4u Arena Manchester last week as part of “The Wall” tour.


Moty Cristal boycott case involves a ‘huge series of issues’

By Marcus Dysch, September 17, 2013

A decision may not be made for weeks on whether to allow a case involving an Israeli conflict resolution expert to go to a full trial, a judge has warned.

Moty Cristal is seeking damages totalling £26,500 and an apology from Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust after it cancelled a workshop he was due to run for its staff last year.


Olympic boss backs down

By Bernard Josephs, September 17, 2013

The International Olympic Committee’s president-elect Thomas Bach has said he would resign as head of Ghorfa, the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry that facilitates trade boycotts of Israel.


Union ‘threatened to boycott Israel professor’

By Marcus Dysch, September 12, 2013

A mental health trust and a trade union discriminated against a conflict resolution expert because he was Israeli, a court has been told.

Moty Cristal was due to run a workshop for staff at the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust in May last year, but the event was cancelled when members of Unison objected to his nationality, it is alleged.


BA says sorry over in-flight Israel map

By Josh Jackman, September 12, 2013

British Airways has apologised for displaying a map which has the name “Palestinian Territories” covering part of Israel.

The airline has promised to replace the image, shown to passengers on flights to Israel, by the end of this month.

A British Airways spokesperson said: “The phrase appears on an in-flight map system installed on a small number of our aircraft.


Trade unionists warned over extremism threat

By Marcus Dysch, September 12, 2013

Trades unionists are being drawn into “the orbit of extremism”, a leading anti-boycott activist has warned.

Roger Lyons, chairman of Trade Union Friends of Israel, condemned plans to take a delegation of major union representatives to Gaza alongside the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


Anti-Israel protestor's 'kettling' claim dismissed

September 12, 2013

An anti-Israel protestor who claimed his human rights were violated when he was “kettled” by police during a Palestine solidarity demonstration has failed in his High Court bid for damages.

Joseph Wright, 26, launched his claim after he was forced by Met Police officers into a pen made of metal barriers as Israeli president Shimon Peres arrived to make a speech in London in 2011.


Lib Dem MP calls for closer ties with high-tech Israel

By Marcus Dysch, September 4, 2013

A Liberal Democrat MP has pledged to increase links between high-tech businesses in Israel and his own Cambridge constituency.

Julian Huppert said there were a number of similarities between firms operating in Israel’s technology industries and those in Cambridgeshire’s so-called “Silicon Fen”. He felt that companies on both sides could benefit from better co-operation.


Anti-Israel councillor boycotts local resident

By Marcus Dysch, September 4, 2013

A Scottish councillor told a resident he would not discuss an anti-Israel policy with her because she was an “acolyte and apologist” for a “rogue state”.

Archie Drummond, who sits on Clackmannanshire Council, in central Scotland, was responding to Danielle Bett, who wrote to him about the council’s stance comparing Israel with apartheid South Africa.


Jewish anti-Israel activists back Nigel Kennedy's 'apartheid' comments

By Marcus Dysch, August 30, 2013

Dozens of Jewish anti-Israel activists have written an open letter in support of Nigel Kennedy's apartheid comments made at the Proms.

They attacked the BBC's decision to censor a broadcast of the violinist's Royal Albert Hall performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons in which he launched a thinly-veiled attack on Israel.