Israel boycott

Cheers! Why some Israeli farmers are raising their glasses to the boycotters

By Shira Rubin, May 5, 2016

When the European Union issued guidelines on labelling products from West Bank settlements last November, the winemakers at Shilo Wineries lost almost all of their European clients.

"Many businesses here stopped production to see what the impact of the law would be, but I wasn't worried for a moment.


Shop ban for activist

By Josh Jackman, April 14, 2016

A man has been ordered to stay away from an Israeli shop which was the subject of mass protests during the last Gaza conflict.

A two-year restraining order will prohibit David Addison, 47, from entering the area around Kedem Cosmetics in Manchester city centre until April 2018.


Police re-open inquiry into anti-Israel posters on the tube

By Sandy Rashty, April 8, 2016

British Transport Police have re-opened an investigation into anti-Israel posters which were put up across the London underground.

The inquiry into more than 200 posters, which were placed on tube trains during Israel Apartheid Week in February, was closed last Thursday after police said they had pursued all lines of inquiry.


Peer's anger over boycott move

By Naomi Firsht, March 23, 2016

Baroness Deech has condemned a student union's support for a boycott of Israel as "an outlet for antisemitism".

University College London student union council passed a boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) motion by 14 votes against four earlier this month.


She asked why UK did not bomb Israel - ideal candidate to head UN probe into the conflict

By Tim Marshall, March 17, 2016

Imagine: You're on trial and you discover the judge appointed to hear the case has already decided you are guilty and has a long history of publicly saying so. That appears to be the UN Human Rights Council approach to justice when it comes to one particularly country.

The council's first choice to become the new Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian territories is criminologist Penny Green.


Labour MPs attack government plans to stop councils boycotting Israel as ‘assault on local democracy’

By Marcus Dysch, March 16, 2016

Labour MPs have led a wide-ranging attack on the government’s plans to stop local councils and public bodies boycotting Israel.

They said guidelines unveiled by Cabinet Office Minister Matt Hancock last month, which leave authorities open to fines if they target Israel, were an attack on local democracy.


Bias of the myopic left

By Robert Liebman, March 10, 2016

The radical left can chew gum and protest two or more causes at the same time. In fact, as self-proclaimed humanitarians, they should cast a wide net. Why, then, in a wicked world, do western boycott activists focus only on Israel?


Union director who pushed for Israel boycott to leave role

By Marcus Dysch, March 9, 2016

The political director of Britain's biggest trade union is moving from her role following a series of anti-Israel controversies.

Jennie Formby has been involved in a number of incidents at Unite in the past five months.


Students at top London university vote for Israel boycott

By Sandy Rashty, March 9, 2016

University College London students have voted to endorse the anti-Israel boycott movement as “official policy”.

UCL student union officers passed the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) motion by 14 votes against four. There were three abstentions.


Sadiq Khan – 'Why I changed my mind about boycotts'

By Marcus Dysch, March 8, 2016

Labour’s London mayor candidate Sadiq Khan has explained why he switched from lobbying for sanctions against Israel to opposing boycotts of the country.

The JC revealed yesterday that Mr Khan had repeatedly called on ministers to impose sanctions in 2009, despite using his campaign for City Hall to claim he had consistently opposed such moves.