Israel 65

Israeli tech companies to strengthen ties with Britain

By Sandy Rashty, February 14, 2014

A 30-strong delegation of Israeli companies will travel to London next month in a bid to build closer commercial ties with the UK.

Israeli start-up companies, specialising in water and retail technology, will meet British counterparts at a four-day event orchestrated by the British embassy, Israel Embassy in London's trade and economic department and UK Trade & Investment.


No arrests at Closer to Israel as volunteers help keep the peace

By Marcus Dysch, June 6, 2013

It took weeks of planning and required hundreds of volunteers, but the huge operation mounted by the Community Security Trust ensured Closer to Israel passed off safely.

According to CST, more than 250 of its members were brought in from across the country to police Sunday’s event.


Chief Rabbi tells thousands at Closer to Israel : walk tall

By Marcus Dysch, June 6, 2013

Israel’s scientific, democratic and social achievements were celebrated by communal leaders at the Trafalgar Square party to mark the 65th anniversary of Israel’s independence.

Acknowledging the country’s development in the face of adversity was the theme of the day, with a focus on the fight against terrorism, medical advancements and multiculturalism.


Closer to Israel 65: not the biggest but the nicest

By Marcus Dysch, Anna Sheinman and Zoe Winograd, June 6, 2013

With hundreds of Israeli flags waving in the sunshine, it was easy to imagine that this was Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square rather than London’s Trafalgar Square.

Sunday’s Closer To Israel parade and party saw thousands of the country’s supporters mark its 65th birthday by transforming central London into a sea of blue-and-white.


Closer to Israel: in pictures

By Anna Sheinman, June 4, 2013

Just a few of the pictures from Closer to Israel in London on Sunday June 2 2013. For more, there will be a full picture spread in this week's JC paper edition.



Thousands gather in London to mark Closer to Israel celebration

By Marcus Dysch and Zoe Winograd, June 2, 2013

Thousands of Israel supporters filled London's Trafalgar Square today to celebrate the country's 65th birthday.

Sun-drenched revellers heard speakers including Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, Israeli Ambassador to Britain Daniel Taub and Education Secretary Michael Gove praise Israel's achievements.


Big crowds at Closer to Israel parade

By Simon Rocker and Zoe Winograd, June 2, 2013

Thousands of people flocked to central London today for British Jewry’s biggest solidarity event with Israel for five years.

Closer to Israel, a celebration of the country’s 65th anniversary, began outside Hyde Park at midday, followed by a two-hour gathering in Trafalgar Square from 2pm.


Sun set to shine on Israel parade

By Simon Rocker, May 30, 2013

If the Met Office is to be believed, it will not be raining on the Closer to Israel parade in central London on Sunday.

British Jewry’s biggest solidarity event with Israel for five years, in celebration of the country’s 65th anniversary, will begin outside Hyde Park at midday, followed by a two-hour gathering in Trafalgar Square from 2pm.


Israeli independence 65 years ago today

By Anna Sheinman, May 14, 2013

Sixty five years ago today, on May 14 1948 at 4pm, a day before the British Mandate in Palestine was due to expire, a Jewish state was established in Israel.

David Ben-Gurion declared the establishment of the state of Israel at the Tel Aviv Museum and, the next day, the Israeli War of Independence began.


Jerusalem is built in Hendon

By Zoe Winograd, April 18, 2013

Nancy Reuben Primary pupils in Hendon celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut by building a model of Jerusalem.

Each class created different parts of the old city using cardboard, printed images and plastecine. The detailed model included the old temple, people praying at the W estern W all, houses made to look as if built from Jerusalem stone and the walls surrounding the old city.