Israel at 60

An eyewitness account of rabbis at war in 1967

By Rabbi Menahem Hacohen, April 18, 2008

1967: Rabbis at war



An eyewitness account of treating terror victims

By Devorah Aviad, April 18, 2008

Arriving on the scene of a terror attack, you try to neutralise your personal feelings, not to form any connection with the wounded, to let your professional training take over. But the attack on November 4 2001 [when a Palestinian fired at a number 25 Egged bus] was one of the most difficult for me, so many children hurt on the way back from school. We were on alert at the Magen David Adom headquarters in Jerusalem when we got the call that there had been shooting at the French Hill junction.


Decisive moments in history

By Anshel Pfeffer, April 18, 2008

Six historic choices

Opening the gates of Aliyah


The settlements as told by a leader of the religious Zionist movement

By Israel Harel, April 18, 2008

The Settlements :A leader of the religious Zionist movement says its resolve has only been strengthened by government confrontations



A few moral truths that define our nationhood

By A B Yehoshua, April 18, 2008

The acclaimed novelist demolishes the claims of Israel's detractors in his call for two states


Machal: the 1948 volunteers who signed up to fight for Israel

By Rachel Fletcher, April 18, 2008

Machal: The 1948 Volunteers


On the Kibbutz: Communing with a rural Zionist ideal

By Simon Rocker, April 18, 2008

On the kibbutz: A JC reporter explores the great social experiment that was the kibbutzim — and why his stay failed to live up to the dream


No institution has so embodied the Zionist ideal of return to the land as the kibbutz, with its collectivist aspiration of turning the People of the Book into a nation of farmers. Here, with hoe in hand rather than bent over a ledger, would arise the new-model Jew, burnished under the testing gaze of the sun.


An eyewitness account of disengagement in the West Bank in 2005

By Limor Sonn Har-Melech, April 18, 2008
I remember the attack vividly, though I would much prefer to forget it. I remember five terrorists standing on the road firing at us. I remember them shouting, remember what they were wearing. I remember the pain of the bullets hitting us and Shuli losing control of the car. He was already dead. Three hours later, I gave birth to our daughter, Sarah. She was born three-and-a-half months premature, and some of the doctors began preparing me for another loss, but I felt very secure inside myself.


1995: The murder of Yitzhak Rabin

By Paul Lester, April 17, 2008

The day peace died

The Oslo Accords promised a new era of hope. Paul Lester talks to the rock star who saw those hopes dashed late on November 4, 1995

If The Oslo Accords of August 20, 1993, were a new ray of hope for the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then controversial rock star Aviv Geffen's performance during a peace rally in the centre of Tel Aviv on November 4, 1995, saw those hopes dashed in one night.


Royal party rather too exclusive for some

By Rachel Fletcher, April 11, 2008

Prince Edward became the first royal officially to participate in Israel’s independence celebrations at a JNF-UJIA dinner at Windsor Castle on Monday.

Standing in for his father, the Duke of Edinburgh who had been hospitalised with a chest infection several days earlier, the Earl of Wessex attended a champagne reception for the 300-strong gathering.

Even though he left before dinner, he greeted guests including Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor and Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks.