Israel at 60

An eyewitness account of when Uri Avnery met Yassir Arafat in 1982

By Uri Avnery, April 18, 2008
1982: Meeting Arafat I started my secret contacts with the PLO in 1974, in London and in Paris. I informed Yitzchak Rabin, then Prime Minister, of the meetings, and brought him messages. Rabin approved my meetings, but rejected Palestinian offers. “If I make the first step,” he told me, “it will inevitably lead to a Palestinian state, and I don’t want that.” In June 1982, the Israeli army invaded Lebanon.


What I, as an Israeli Arab, am hoping for

By Ghaida Rinawi Zoabi, April 18, 2008

Ten years ago, I finished my masters degree at Haifa University and went to the ceremony with my husband and parents. The stadium was full of graduates and their families, and the event began with the Hatikva. Everyone got up to sing, and we remained sitting, a small group. There were very few other Arab graduates then, and people began looking at us, nudging and whispering. It was as if we were creatures from another planet. The experience marked me for life.


An eyewitness account by Moshe Dayan's daughter

By Yael Dayan, April 18, 2008

Moshe Dayan 1915-1981



'The whole country is a controlled experiment on humans'

By Etgar Keret, April 18, 2008

The writer reflects on his divided, conflicted homeland, where yet there is room still for hope


Sounds International entertains MP for Israel's 60th

April 18, 2008

Multifaith choir Sounds International entertained an audience including MP Jim Murphy at a concert at Garnethill Synagogue celebrating Israel’s 60th anniversary. The choir’s conductor, Eddie Binnie, is also choirmaster of the synagogue.


How my voice gained confidence with Israel’s

By Amos Oz, April 18, 2008

The accomplished novelist, born in Jerusalem in 1939, narrates a personal literary journey

On the hero in Israeli literature


How we went from two cheese to 900

By Eric Silver, April 18, 2008

60 years of Israeli food

Amos Oz wrote in his haunting memoir A Tale of Love and Darkness that the first time he went to France as a young author, his hosts refused to believe him when he said that Israel had only two kinds of cheese: white cheese and yellow cheese.


Shouting for identity, unity… and gold medals

By Simon Griver, April 18, 2008

Israel has successfully used competitive sports to advance priorities such as integrating immigrants and nurturing a sense of national identification among Israelis themselves and Jews worldwide. Sport has also been highly effective in promoting coexistence between the country’s Jews and Arabs.


The day peace died

By Paul Lester, April 18, 2008

The Oslo Accords promised a new era of hope. Paul Lester talks to the rock star who saw those hopes dashed late on November 4, 1995

If The Oslo Accords of August 20, 1993, were a new ray of hope for the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then controversial rock star Aviv Geffen’s performance during a peace rally in the centre of Tel Aviv on November 4, 1995, saw those hopes dashed in one night.


The 1967 six-day war: a sweetness that turned into ashes

By David Landau, April 18, 2008

The 1967 six-day war 


The outgoing editor of Ha’aretz recalls the drama of a war that Israel was winning — and confronts his own fears for the future

Not bloody likely,” the callow nineteen-year-old grandly dictated to the telegram clerk at the post office on Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road, a week or so before the Six-Day War. In Golders Green, my parents received the cocky cable with a mixture of pride and trepidation.