El Al flight makes emergency landing in Ireland

By Hadas Haimov, November 6, 2012

An El Al flight en route from Tel Aviv to New York made an emergency landing in Ireland after passengers said they had smelled something burning.

The 747 Boeing aircraft, carrying more than 300 passengers and crew members, was forced to land at Shannon Airport on Monday.


Irish TV host: ‘Israel is cancer’

By Anna Sheinman, October 25, 2012

A renowned Irish broadcaster has referred to Israel as a “cancer”.

Speaking about the US presidential debates on Tuesday night, Vincent Browne lamented the lack of discussion of American support for Israel. “Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs,” he said, adding: “It’s a massive injustice — they stole the land from the Arabs.”


Justice Minister Shatter attacks Irish on Holocaust and antisemitism

By Marcus Dysch, September 20, 2012

The Irish Justice Minister has launched a scathing attack on his country's past governments for failing to speak out against Nazi Germany.

Alan Shatter, the only Jewish member of Ireland's lower house of parliament - Dáil Éireann - accused 1930s and 1940s governments of allowing "evil to flourish" by ignoring Hitler's atrocities.


'Suspect package' at Israel's Ireland embassy was false alarm

By Marcus Dysch, August 21, 2012

An army bomb disposal unit was dispatched to the Israeli Embassy in Dublin after a suspect package was found on Tuesday morning.

There were initial reports that the embassy had been evacuated, but staff confirmed they had not been asked to leave the building.

A spokesman for the Dublin Garda later confirmed the incident had been a false alarm and the police operation had concluded.


Israeli envoy: activists have 'sexual identity problems'

By Simon Round, June 14, 2012

Palestinian supporters have demanded that Israel's deputy ambassador to Ireland be removed after she allegedly described Israeli human rights activists as suffering from "problems of sexual identity".


Film-maker's balanced Israel documentary causes anger in Ireland

By Marcus Dysch, June 14, 2012

An Irish film-maker has explained how his documentary about Israel and the Palestinians caused outrage in his home country — by taking a balanced view on the conflict.


Irish Israel boycott proposal 'cynical and hypocritical'

By Jennifer Lipman, May 22, 2012

Jewish leaders have criticised the Irish foreign minister for a "cynical" call to boycott some Israeli goods.

Eamon Gilmore said that he might push the European Union to block goods produced in the West Bank, in order to pressure the Israeli government into making policy changes.


Irish minister told that Israel boycott will not secure peace

By Jennifer Lipman, May 18, 2012

Supporters of Israel are calling on the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs to "build bridges" rather than seek a boycott of Israeli goods.

Earlier this week Eamon Gilmore hinted that he planned to push the European Union to block goods produced in the settlements, in order to pressure the Israeli government into making changes in policy.


Irish minister livid as band cancels Israel

By Marcus Dysch, May 10, 2012

Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter has accused anti-Israel activists of waging a "cyber-bullying" campaign to force an Irish folk group to cancel its performances in Israel.


Titanic’s hidden victims

By Tony Kushner, April 11, 2012

There is an old Jewish music hall joke: "Did you know that the Jews were responsible for the sinking of the Titanic?"

"No they weren't, it was the iceberg."

"Oy, already. Iceberg, Goldberg?