Israel on edge after IDF kills Hizbollah commander

By Anshel Pfeffer, January 22, 2015

An Israeli strike on a group of senior Hizbollah and Iranian officers could lead to an escalation on Israel's northern border, but for now seems to have wiped out a significant part of the Lebanese movement's military command.


Israelis brace for Hizbollah revenge attack

By Sandy Rashty, January 21, 2015

Israeli civilians living in the north have been advised to stay in their homes today, after the region was put on high alert for a possible terrorist attack.


Germany and Israel in £470m gunboat deal

By Anshel Pfeffer, December 31, 2014

Germany is to supply the Israeli Navy with four missile boats in a new arms deal worth 900m euros (£470m).

The German government will finance a third of the deal as part of its ongoing commitment to Israel’s security.
The IDF has been looking to buy new warships to modernise its navy and improve its ability to defend its offshore gas fields discovered in recent years.


US signs deal to hold more weapons in Israel

By Sandy Rashty, December 22, 2014

President Barack Obama has signed an agreement that is set to strengthen US-Israel ties.

The United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act, which was signed in Washington last Friday, confirms Israel’s status as a “major strategic partner” and America’s “unwavering support” for the country as a Jewish state.


Palestinian minister dies after West Bank protest

By Sandy Rashty, December 10, 2014

A Palestinian minister has died after clashing with Israeli soldiers at a protest in the West Bank today.

Ziad Abu Ein, a minister without portfolio, appeared to be arguing with IDF soldiers near the Turmusiya village.

One witness claimed he was pushed by soldiers. Others claimed that he was suffocated by tear gas.

Mr Abu Ein died before reaching a hospital in Ramallah.


Israel rejects Amnesty war crime claim

By Sandy Rashty, December 10, 2014

Amnesty International has claimed that Israeli air strikes against four high-rise buildings in Gaza during the summer amounted to “war crimes”.

The al-Basha Tower complex – which housed around 30 flats, TV and radio stations – was flattened during the strikes. There were no fatalities.

Amnesty called for an investigation into the strikes in a report into the incident.


Gantz to step down as IDF gets new chief

By Anshel Pfeffer, December 4, 2014

The cabinet is expected to approve the appointment of Major General Gadi Eisenkot as the next chief of staff of the Israel Defence Force on Sunday.

Maj-Gen Eisenkot, 54, is currently the deputy chief of staff and served most of his 36-year army career as a combat officer in the Golani infantry brigade.


IDF soldier appeals for better equipment

By Sandy Rashty, November 6, 2014

A former JFS student who is serving in the Israel Defence Forces is appealing for funds to buy equipment because the kit supplied by the army is not up to the job.

The 22-year-old Londoner, who has fought in Gaza and the West Bank since joining an elite infantry unit this year, wants to raise £10,000 to buy better boots and winter clothing for him and his comrades


UK minister ‘profoundly shocked’ by visit to Gaza

By Marcus Dysch, October 7, 2014

Middle East Minister Tobias Ellwood has visited Gaza for the first time since the conflict with Israel this summer.

Mr Ellwood is the first British minister to travel to the Palestinian territory since the violence.

He visited the heavily damaged neighbourhood of Shujaiyya and a Commonwealth war cemetery, where graves were damaged in the fighting.