Holocaust denial

Holocaust denier wins extradition fight

By Leon Symons, November 21, 2008

Convicted Holocaust denier Frederick Toben has won his fight against extradition to Germany for publishing material online "of an antisemitic and/or revisionist nature".

Dr Toben, director of the revisionist Adelaide Institute in Australia, had been arrested while en route from America to Dubai on a European warrant executed on behalf of the German government.


Adelaide Shoah-denier faces jail

By Dan Goldberg, August 15, 2008

A revisionist historian living in Adelaide may be jailed for allegedly defying a Federal Court order to remove all Holocaust-denial material from his website.

Fredrick Toben, of the notorious Adelaide Institute, is waiting for the verdict of a contempt-of-court hearing brought by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. He pleaded not guilty last week to 28 charges alleging he breached a 2002 Federal Court order to remove all Shoah denial from his website.


Oxford ‘did not flout race laws’ for Irving

By Leon Symons, July 11, 2008

Oxford University has denied accusations by Baroness Deech that it ignored laws on race hate and freedom of speech in allowing the Oxford Union to host Holocaust-denier David Irving and BNP leader Nick Griffin last November.

Lady Deech, a former Oxford chair of admissions, told the Lords that she had complained to the university authorities that they had not acted to stop the debating society inviting Griffin and Irving to take part in the event, which was severely disrupted by demonstrators.


Far-right’s first lady goes public on Shoah-denial

By Leon Symons, June 13, 2008

An attempt by a woman described as “one of the leaders of the extreme right” to justify her support for Holocaust deniers and Iran has been condemned by anti-fascist commentators.

Lady Renouf, a close friend of David Irving, has written to the JC in response to an article by columnist David Toube two weeks ago. Mr Toube criticised Lady Renouf’s support for disgraced academic Nicholas Kollerstrom, dismissed in April as an honorary fellow of University College London for publishing a paper claiming the gas chambers of Auschwitz never existed.


BBC caught in row over payment to academic who denies gas chambers

By Leon Symons, June 13, 2008

A disgraced academic sacked as an honorary fellow by a London university for claiming that the gas chambers of Auschwitz never existed is to have his views questioned in a BBC television programme.

Disgraced academic Nicholas Kollerstrom

Nicholas Kollerstrom was this week helping to make an edition of the BBC2 programme The Conspiracy Files when he became embroiled in a row over whether or not he was being paid for his participation.


David Appletree battles Nazis and Shoah-deniers on Facebook

By Candice Krieger, May 30, 2008

Activist David Appletree is taking a stand against the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish groups that are cropping up on Facebook, the social-networking website.


Now on TV in the UK: Iranian Shoah-denial

By David Toube, May 30, 2008

Try as it might, PressTV — a station sponsored by the Tehran regime — cannot disguise its racism

You might not know it, but the British National Party has a television station. Actually, that’s a rather grand way of describing what amounts to little more than a YouTube channel and a website selling DVDs.


Holocaust denier in web attack

By Simon Rocker, May 23, 2008

An international Iranian English-language television station has published an online article casting doubt on the existence of the Nazi gas chambers by a recently exposed Holocaust denier.

Last month, University College London withdrew the honorary research fellowship of Nicholas Kollerstrom after his Holocaust views came to light.

But this week Press TV, a Tehran-based news network, gave space for the lecturer, a specialist in astronomy, to promote his ideas.


Holocaust denier is BNP special guest

By Dana Gloger, May 2, 2008

A convicted Holocaust denier was one of the guests invited to speak at a British National Party meeting this week about how the party could make further progress in Europe.

Bruno Gollnisch, a French MEP and vice-president of the far-right National Front party, spoke at the Rembrandt Hotel in Knightsbridge, Central London.

The meeting came three days before Britain was due to vote in local elections. He appeared with Austrian MEP Andreas Mölzer, expelled from the country’s Freedom Party for being too extreme, and Georg Mayer, an Austrian Freedom Party officer.


Agent denies Irving claims

By Rachel Fletcher, May 2, 2008

The literary agent handling the memoirs of Holocaust survivor Sam Pivnik has rejected claims made about him by Shoah-denier David Irving.

Following a JC report about Mr Pivnik’s memoirs, which are to be published to refute deniers, Irving used his website to attack agent Andrew Lownie.

He also reproduced the JC report and claimed that the Sunday Times failed to pay him a £75,000 fee for excerpts from the Goebbels diaries which he brought back from Moscow in 1992.