Haiti president thanks Israel

By Jessica Elgot, January 22, 2010

Haitian President Rene Preval has expressed his gratitude for the aid that Israel has given to his stricken country, where more than 200,000 people are believed to have died in the earthquake last week.

Israel has sent members of the IDF, doctors and engineers, as well as Magen David Adom and various other charitable organisations. The IDF field hospital has treated more than 450 patients, and its doctors have delivered seven babies.

Now, at the request of the UN and the US, Israel will send 100 armed police officers to help peacekeeping efforts in Haiti.


Wife of British doctor in Haiti speaks

By Marcus Dysch, January 22, 2010

The wife of a British-born doctor who is part of the Israeli mission treating victims of the Haitian earthquake has spoken about her husband's work .

Dr Ian Miskin, 53, one of Israel’s foremost specialists in treating infectious diseases, has been in Haiti for a week, aiding rescue missions and helping those rescued from the rubble.

Speaking from her home in Israel, Hagit Miskin , herself a leading paediatrician, said her husband, originally from London, was battling the growing problem of infections among survivors.


IDF 'angel' donates own blood to save baby

January 21, 2010

The baby brought to the IDF field hospital was in desperate condition. With an extended abdomen, severe anemia and sepsis, he needed O negative blood at once.

IDF paramedic Maayan Lunz didn’t waste a moment. Within minutes, she was donating her own.

This was just one of many extraordinary scenes in the IDF camp set up in the aftermath of last week’s devastating Haitian earthquake. The Israeli field hospital was the first able to offer surgery and complicated medical care in the ruined city of Port-au-Prince.


Israel's role in the Haiti earthquake crisis

January 21, 2010

Dr Shir Dar stood, like a proud father, outside one of the tents making up the Israeli field hospital in Port-au- Prince.

While his fellow surgeons were busy with orthopedic procedures and amputations, he got the happier task of delivering the first baby born in the Israeli medical compound.

“He’s a lovely healthy baby,” Dr Dar said, as members of the medical team all came to take a look.


British brothers role in Haitian rescue

January 21, 2010

Two brothers, originally from London, are playing very different roles in the Haitian tragedy.

Dr Ian Miskin, 53, is a lieutenant-colonel in the IDF reserves and was deployed a week ago to Haiti because it was thought that his expertise in treating infectious diseases — he is one of Israel’s foremost specialists in the subject — would be vital in the aftermath of the disaster. He, like the other Israeli medics, has been working long and arduous hours in Port-au-Prince treating the hundreds of Haitian wounded.


Chief Rabbi's prayer for Haiti victims

By Jessica Elgot, January 19, 2010

The Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks has issued a special prayer for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, a disaster which is thought to have killed more than 200,000 people.

He has distributed the prayer to all synagogues to be said this Shabbat and has urged the Jewish community to become involved in fundraising for the stricken country.

The Chief Rabbi said he was “deeply distressed at the tragic loss of life and damage suffered by the people of Haiti.”


Jewish man missing in Haiti earthquake

By Jessica Elgot, January 19, 2010

A Jewish Canadian is missing in Haiti after the earthquake, Israeli rescue teams have reported.

The family of Alexander Shmuel Bitton say that he had just arrived at the Montana Hotel in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, when the earthquake struck.

Mr Bitton’s colleague, known only as Martin, said he saw Mr Bitton at the hotel reception desk and arranged to meet him by the poolside bar.

When the earthquake struck, Martin was waiting for Mr Bitton by the pool. He has not been seen since.


Israeli and Jewish aid to Haiti earthquake

By Jessica Elgot, January 14, 2010

Israeli and Jewish aid organisations have flown to Port-au-Prince to deal with the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake which may have killed up to 100,000 people.

El Al has sent two planes, one cargo and another for passengers, and an IDF delegation is due to arrive in the Carribean country today with experts in engineering, medicine and rescue tactics.

IsraAID have also dispatched a 12-man search-and-rescue team to Haiti.