Now Kitaj haunts his ‘killer critics’

By Julia Weiner, June 20, 2008

Eight months after he killed himself, R B Kitaj is the star of the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition

In 1994, the Tate Gallery in London mounted a major retrospective of the work of R B Kitaj. For the artist, life would never be the same again. Such was the savagery of the reviews that Kitaj blamed the critics for the death of his wife, Sandra Fisher, of a brain aneurysm shortly after the exhibition closed. In disgust he left Britain, his home for 30 years, and returned to his native United States, vowing that he would not set foot here ever again.


Adam Hahn produces portraits that are blurred... for a reason

By Candice Krieger, June 20, 2008

What if your view of the world was always blurred? That is what North London artist Adam Hahn wants visitors to his new show to ponder. Launched last week, the portrait exhibition aims to convey how people with macular degeneration (MD) — a condition which causes seriously blurred vision and blindness — see through a foggy haze.

Mr Hahn, 29, has spent the past year talking to sufferers and his exhibition features portraits of them as they would see themselves. He created the show to promote awareness of the degenerative eye condition in memory of his grandmother.


Randy Klinger creates a million-pound art centre in Scotland — complete with shul

By Candice Krieger, June 13, 2008

US-born artist Randy Klinger, who describes himself as a “bacon-cheeseburger Jew,” has developed a million-pound, carbon-neutral, visual-arts centre in rural Scotland. Mr Klinger, 51, moved to Moray in Scotland 16 years ago and has devoted the past ten years to developing and fundraising for the centre and its gallery.


JC wins top design award

May 30, 2008

The Jewish Chronicle’s news section has won a coveted Award of Excellence from the Society of News Design (SND).

SND, an American organisation, has, for the last 28 years, sponsored an annual international competition to recognise excellence in newspaper design.

This year, the JC was one of only four British newspapers to win.

The others were The Guardian, The Observer and the Independent on Sunday.

The JC’s creative director John Belknap was also selected as one of the judges to choose the world’s best-designed newspapers.


The graphic art of confessing in public

By Ariel Kahn, May 9, 2008

A new show looks at what happens when we put our most intimate thoughts up for public consumption.

In a cultural climate fascinated by the private self, obsessed with celebrity exposés, and inundated with the daily revelations of countless bloggers, we are rarely provided with the opportunity to reflect on what happens when we put intimate information about ourselves into the public sphere.


Haggadot get a comic twist

April 18, 2008

Israeli artists are re-imagining the ancient story using modern cartoon characters and graphic-novel techniques

Uri Fink and Zoya Cherkassky are part of a long list of highly talented Israeli artists who have set their hands to creating unusual haggadot. Russian-born, Tel Aviv-based and devoutly secular, Cherkassky was influenced by images by El Lissitsky, the Russian Constructivist movement and Bauhaus to create her edited version of a Haggadah.