George Galloway

George Galloway to defy Canada ban

By Marcus Dysch, March 26, 2009

Controversial British MP George Galloway has vowed to do whatever is possible to enter Canada after its government banned him over fears he could threaten national security.

The decision to stop him entering for a speaking tour was taken after the Jewish Defence League of Canada wrote to the government highlighting Mr Galloway’s support for Hamas.


Galloway spoof that closed down a radio station

By Marcus Dysch, August 7, 2008

A Jewish community radio station has closed down after it lost a libel case brought by the controversial MP George Galloway.

During a Jcom broadcast last November, a presenter made remarks construing Mr Galloway as antisemitic, while pretending to be the Respect MP and referring to him as the station's "Middle East correspondent".

The spoof character, "Georgie" Galloway, used the catchphrase "kill the Jews, kill the Jews".


Galloway to sue ‘the bill’

June 5, 2008

Respect MP George Galloway is threatening to sue TV series The Bill, claiming that a corrupt politician was based on him. The action relates to programmes in which the character is accused of smuggling antiques and drugs from Iraq. He is also shown at an anti-racism concert — a real-life event held in Mr Galloway’s Bethnal Green constituency.