Balanced reactions are vital

By Jennifer Lipman, November 23, 2012

Last weekend's North London derby was enjoyable, and not merely because it saw Arsenal's second consecutive home victory over Spurs. It was that, for a welcome period, my Twitter and Facebook pages were filled with something other than talk of Israel and Gaza.


All the best clips of BBC slips, and a dose of praise for a new balance

By Raheem Kassam, November 22, 2012

Despite the propagandists’ best efforts, the BBC has been impressively balanced this week.


Surbiton mum’s terror after son injured in Hamas missile attack

By Ben Hartman, November 22, 2012

As missiles flew this week out of Gaza, one British-Israeli soldier received treatment to repair his eyesight, damaged in a Hamas strike on his jeep.


How Israel kept truth flowing

By Allison Kaplan Sommer and Carly Maisel, November 22, 2012

In each of the recent conflicts Israel has experienced — the two Lebanon wars, the Gaza War and in incidents such as boarding of the Mavi Marmara, media bias has deeply frustrated the Jewish state’s supporters.


Media should use ceasefire to reflect on double standards

By Richard Kemp, November 22, 2012

The mobilisation of Israeli forces around Gaza this week was strikingly reminiscent of the British and American build-up of troops along the Kuwait and Iraq borders before Operation Desert Storm, the massive armoured counter-attack that hurled Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait in 1991.


Gaza: The war that worked

By Anshel Pfeffer, November 22, 2012

Israel breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday as a military operation which could have gone one of two ways avoided a ground war.

As the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire came into effect, tens of thousands of Israeli ground troops, many of them reservists who had been summoned days earlier from their homes, were stood down.


IDF soldier hit by Gaza rocket dies from injuries

By Jennifer Lipman, November 22, 2012

An Israeli soldier has died after being hit by a rocket from Gaza only hours before a ceasefire deal was announced.

Lieutenant Boris Yarmulnik was 28 and came from Netanya. He was injured after the rocket, sent by terrorists operating in the Gaza Strip , landed in the Eshkol region, and today died from his injuries in hospital.


University building occupied as Gaza protests spread to campus

By Marcus Dysch, November 22, 2012

Protests have taken place on university campuses across Britain in response to the violent conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

At the School of Oriental and African Studies in central London, the students’ union AGM voted in support of a motion pledging solidarity with the people of Gaza.


Steve Bell defends Guardian cartoon

By Jennifer Lipman, November 22, 2012

The Press Complaints Commission has received 29 objections to a Guardian cartoon that portrayed Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu as a puppet-master, controlling tiny versions of Foreign Secretary William Hague and Tony Blair.

Cartoonist Steve Bell drew the picture after Mr Hague said Hamas bore “principal responsibility” for the Gaza fighting.


George Galloway: we hate Zionism

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 22, 2012

MP George Galloway has branded Zionism “a blasphemy against Judaism and against God”, praised the legitimacy of Hamas and publicly called for the dismantling of Israel.