Hamas lashes out as IDF detects terror tunnels

By Anshel Pfeffer, May 12, 2016

A fragile calm was restored around the Gaza Strip last weekend after a series of attacks and counter-attacks between Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian groups.

Israel claimed that the Palestinians fired on IDF forces to prevent operations to uncover and destroy Hamas-built tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel.


Violence escalates around Gaza Strip

By JC Reporter, May 6, 2016

Israel’s security cabinet is due to convene today after a motar shell was fired at IDF soldiers on the Gaza border on Friday morning.

The soldiers did not suffer any injuries or fatalities.

In a statement, the army said that at about 6am, "another round of artillery was fired at an IDF unit that was carrying out an operational activity near the barrier in the southern Gaza Strip."


Palestinian children act out terror attack in Gaza play

By JC Reporter, April 27, 2016

Young Palestinian children have been filmed performing a play in which they simulate terrorist attacks against Israelis.

The play was staged for a festival in the Gaza Strip this week, and was broadcast on a Hamas television channel dedicated to culture, available in Gaza and the West Bank.


IDF discovers Hamas tunnel under Gaza border into Israel

By Josh Jackman, April 18, 2016

The Israeli army has uncovered and destroyed a Hamas tunnel which stretched from Gaza into southern Israel.

The 20km-long underground passageway reached 30 or 40 yards into Israel before its demolition this morning.

The IDF would not reveal its exact location, though it is understood to be near Kibbutz Holit, about 8km from both the southern border of Gaza and Egypt.


War museum defends displaying news truck shelled by IDF in Gaza

By Sandy Rashty, April 14, 2016

The Imperial War Museum has defended its decision to exhibit a vehicle that was hit by IDF shelling during the Israel-Gaza war after a complaint from an angry visitor.


Sanders under fire for saying 10,000 Palestinians killed in 2014 Gaza war

By Josh Jackman, April 7, 2016

US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been criticised for saying that more than 10,000 Palestinian civilians were killed in the 2014 Gaza conflict.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry estimated that 761 civilians died during the hostilities, while the Gaza Health Ministry put the number at 1,617.


Israel hits back after Daesh-affiliated cell fires rockets from Gaza

By Josh Jackman, January 3, 2016

Israel has attacked four military locations in Gaza in response to rocket attacks from the region.

On Saturday morning, the Israeli Air Force “targeted two Hamas military training facilities and two other military sites,” according to official reports.


UK authorities detain and question IDF officer over Gaza ‘war crimes’

By JC Reporter, December 14, 2015

An IDF reserve officer involved in the 2014 Gaza conflict was detained on arrival in the UK last month and questioned over “war crimes”.

The officer was interrogated for several hours before being released after an intervention by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the UK government issued an apology.


Taking Israel to ICC would 'exculpate' terror backers

By Sandy Rashty, November 26, 2015

Leading human rights lawyer Irwin Cotler has condemned the ongoing campaign to prosecute Israel at the International Criminal Court as a discriminatory move that undermines the principles of the tribunal.


Gaza hit by protests as rockets fired at Israel

By Anshel Pfeffer, September 24, 2015

A wave of protests has rocked the Gaza Strip in recent days as hundreds of Palestinians have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the power cuts that have left most homes in the Strip with only a few hours of electricity a day.