Fraudsters ordered to hand over assets

By Lynda Roughley, December 23, 2008

A Manchester man jailed for six years for involvement in a large-scale “advance fee” business fraud has been ordered to hand over £425,000.

Following a two-day confiscation hearing at Liverpool Crown Court, it was agreed that Carl Montlake had benefited by £1.5 million from the scam.

It was also agreed that he has realiseable assets of £425,000 and Judge Gerald Clifton ordered that, if this sum is not paid over under the Proceeds of Crime Act, by January 31 next year, he will face an extra 42 months in prison.


Madoff scandal: charities lose $1bn

By Daniella Peled and Anshel Pfeffer, December 18, 2008

The Bernard Madoff investment scandal is expected to cost the Jewish charity world well over a billion dollars. But UK charities are likely to escape relatively unscathed from immediate losses.

Avraham Infeld, president of the Chais Family Foundation in Jerusalem, which has announced it is closing down after losing all its assets, said: “$600 million has disappeared overnight from the Jewish world.”


Analysis: It affects us, too

By Jenni Frazer, December 18, 2008

The more the news filters through from America as to the extent of the alleged Madoff swindle, the louder the sighs of unashamed relief from this side of the pond.

Phew, goes the thinking; thank heavens we're not affected. Thank goodness we haven’t entrusted our family foundation funds to the wily Mr Madoff, a man of such moral rectitude that even his own sons, poor dupes, refused to counter-sign his conditions of bail.


Analysis: The Bernie Madoff lesson

By Alex Brummer, December 18, 2008

The last year has been appalling for individuals and charities seeking to hang on to their hard-earned savings and precious endowments.
Sharply lower equity prices, collapsing residential and property values, shrinking pension and trust funds and falling interest rates (UK rates could well be down to near zero by spring 2009) have made it all but impossible for investors to keep their money intact.


Mazuz plans to indict Olmert for corruption

By Yaakov Katz and Nathan Guttman, November 27, 2008

After a long and highly publicised police investigation, Israel's Attorney General Menahem Mazuz announced Wednesday night that he was planning to indict Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on corruption charges.

Mr Mazuz said that his final decision would be made pending a hearing for Mr Olmert and his lawyers, during which he will give the beleaguered prime minister an opportunity to present his defence. Such a hearing is typically offered to government officials prior to their indictment.


Dentist is struck off

October 30, 2008

Trevor Mann, former chairman of the British Dental Association, has been struck off for fraudulently claiming £51,000 expenses from the association.

Mr Mann, a non-practising dentist, is a member of Kingston and Surbiton District Synagogue.


Warning: fraudster on loose

By Leon Symons, October 10, 2008

A warning has been issued to every minister in the United Synagogue to be on their guard in case a convicted conman turns up on their doorstep.

The warning was sent out a day after the man, 40-year-old Bradley Silver, was given a suspended prison sentence after he admitted three charges relating to forged cheques.


Conman pretends to be Meretz UK chair

By Candice Krieger, October 10, 2008

The chairman of a British-based progressive Zionist group is the latest victim of a Nigerian email scam.
Someone claiming to be Meretz UK's Yehuda Erdman wrote an email - received by members of the organisation and at the JC - saying he was stranded in Nigeria, where he was working with HIV and Aids sufferers. He appealed - in very questionable English - for hundreds of dollars.

The email reads: "It as [sic] been a very sad and bad moment for me, the present condition that I found myself is very intoxicated for me to explain.


TV lawyer bailed over poisoning claims

By Marcus Dysch, August 22, 2008

A high-profile divorce lawyer and TV pundit has been arrested for allegedly lying to police about a plot to poison her.

Vanessa Lloyd Platt, whose North London-based company, Lloyd Platt & Co, is one of the UK's leading family-law and divorce firms, regularly appears on shows including GMTV and Richard & Judy to discuss celebrity separations.


Facebook fraudster ordered to pay his victim £22,000

By James Brewster, August 1, 2008

A businessman whose personal details were "laid bare" in fake entries on the Facebook social networking website has been awarded £22,000 in damages against the former friend who created the profile.

Mathew Firsht, managing director of Applause Store Productions, sued his old schoolfriend, freelance cameraman Grant Raphael, for libel and misuse of private information.

A judge at the High Court in London ruled that Mr Raphael's defence - that the entry was created on his computer by party gate-crashers at his flat - was "built on lies".