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Banter: just another weasel word

By Grant Feller, August 28, 2014

It was simply "banter" and the more my two friends remonstrated with me, the more I wondered whether I had got it wrong.

Now it seems "banter" has become the catch-all excuse for people who are unable to tell the difference between being a racist and speaking like one.


FA doing 'good work' in dealing with racism

By Marcus Dysch, June 26, 2014

The Football Association's work to tackle antisemitism has been praised following a meeting with Jewish groups.

The governing body's approach to the fallout from Nicolas Anelka's controversial quenelle gesture was among topics discussed during the session at Wembley Stadium last week.


Spurs fans will not face arrest for Y-word chants, police say

By Marcus Dysch and Daniel Easterman, June 18, 2014

Spurs fans who use the term "yid" are unlikely to face criminal prosecution, police have conceded.

Constable Steve Payne told a meeting of Tottenham Hotspur fans that using the Y-word was no longer an arrestable offence.

But he also said that fans could still face charges if a complaint was made that the term had been used in a pejorative way.


Full statement: The FA's decision not to appeal

By Darren Bailey, FA Director of Governance and Regulation, March 14, 2014

Nicolas Anelka’s use of the ‘quenelle’ was the first time this gesture had been seen in the English game.

It prompted significant public debate at home and abroad and, therefore, it is appropriate to share The FA’s response since 28 December, when the offence occurred, through to our decision today not to appeal the decision of the Independent Regulatory Commission.


FA releases full Anelka judgment

By Daniel Easterman, March 6, 2014

The Football Association's independent commission has released its written reasons explaining why it banned West Bromwich Albion player Nicolas Anelka for five matches.

The report, which runs to 35 pages, provides the witness statements from Anelka, and arguments from both his and the FA's legal teams.