The woman telling Google and Facebook how to delete the racists

By Marcus Dysch, December 19, 2013

In the fight against online antisemitism, Jardena Lande is an unsung heroine.

While David Cameron and other world leaders try to convince sites such as Facebook to do more to block users spreading hatred, Ms Lande and her colleagues at the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism (ICCA) have already enjoyed notable success.


Google and Facebook click with Israeli tech

By Daniel Easterman, December 5, 2013

Israeli entrepreneurs streamed into London this week to meet potential investors from world-renowned high-tech companies, at the second annual Innovate Israel conference.

The one-day event provides a forum for representatives from the likes of Google, Facebook and Microsoft to view the best new ideas coming out of Israel’s technology start-ups.


Facebook rabbi voted in as Sephardi leader

By Simon Rocker, May 17, 2013

Britain’s oldest Orthodox community has at last found a senior rabbi after a search that began more than three years ago.

Rabbi Joseph Dweck, 37, of New York, was endorsed as the new rabbinic leader of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation by a massive majority of 270 votes to four in a ballot of its members last week.


Facebook looking to buy Israeli app for $1 billion

By Zoe Winograd, May 13, 2013

Facebook is in negotiations to buy an Israeli web navigation company for $1 billion.

Facebook approached Waze six months ago but recently upped its bid from $200 million to $1 billion. Waze has refused offers in the past including Apple’s bid for $500 million.


Nicola Mendelsohn named Facebook Europe chief

By Anna Sheinman, May 8, 2013

Facebook has named prominent advertising executive Nicola Mendelsohn as its new head of European operations.

Ms Mendelsohn is the owner of advertising agency Karmarama and formerly the first female president of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

Now living in Finchley, she was born in Manchester, where her mother, kosher caterer Celia Klein is still based.


Zuckerberg launches fight for immigration reform

By Jennifer Lipman, April 11, 2013

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has drawn on his own family story to launch a campaign challenging negative thinking on immigration.

Mr Zuckerberg is one of the key figures behind the creation of FWD.us, a group of Silicon Vallery entrepreneurs who are calling for the US government to pass immigration reform.


Holocaust survivor’s search for lost twin goes viral

By Jennifer Lipman, March 21, 2013

Armed only with the number of a tattoo inked onto a four-year-old by the Nazis, Facebook users are hoping to help a Holocaust survivor track down his long-lost twin brother.

Menachem Bodner was four years old when he escaped Auschwitz, where he was in the clutches of the Nazi doctor known as the Angel of Death, Joseph Mengele, who remains infamous for his brutal experiments on twins.


Facebook founder launches bid to encourage science

By Jennifer Lipman, February 22, 2013

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has revealed plans to sponsor a valuable new award for scientific research.

The scheme, which involves five $3 million awards, will honour pioneering research in the fight against disease. It is described as being "dedicated to advancing breakthrough research, celebrating scientists and generating excitement about the pursuit of science as a career".


We’re just like Mum and Dad

By Josh Glancy, February 8, 2013

Logging on to Facebook if you're Jewish and 25 is a hazardous business these days. The festive season generated a seemingly unending spate of engagements and weddings.


Don’t let online dating break your heart

By Sandy Rashty, February 1, 2013

What ever did we do before online dating? It is hard to imagine that, before the arrival of JDate and the like, young Jews depended on finding partners through such unreliable methods as introductions, mutual friends and — shock, horror — chance meetings at parties.