Investigation launched after 'unacceptable' Holocaust t-shirt seen at university event

By Josh Jackman, September 23, 2016

University students wearing t-shirts with racist phrases including “The Holocaust was a good time” at an official freshers’ event have prompted an investigation.

The t-shirt was worn during Exeter University Snowsports Club’s white t-shirt event on Tuesday. Another student was emblazoned with the words: “Don’t speak to me if you’re not white”.


Christians back beleaguered Israel supporters in Exeter

By Naomi Firsht, April 8, 2015

A Friends of Israel group set up by Christians has come to the rescue of Jewish students at Exeter University who feel intimidated by Palestinian activists on the campus.
The 20 members of the Jewish Society said they were reluctant to show support for Israel for fear of being targeted by the much larger Friends of Palestine Society (FoP).


Exeter shul in £120k fundraising drive

By Anna Sheinman, February 21, 2013

Exeter Synagogue, the third oldest synagogue in the UK, has launched a £125,000 fundraising drive to restore its crumbling building ahead of its 250th anniversary celebrations this summer.


Students are honoured for their commitment

By Jennifer Lipman, April 4, 2012

The president of the LSE Jewish Society was honoured for his efforts in challenging antisemitism on campus at the Union of Jewish Students awards.

Jay Stoll led the response when a Jewish LSE student was physically assaulted by his peers on an athletics union university ski trip. He had confronted them for playing a Nazi-themed card game.


Cream teas for Kehillate Kernow Jewish Community

June 20, 2008

Kehillat Kernow Jewish Community were invited to a cream tea by Exeter Hebrew Congregation on erev Shavuot. The congregations meet every Shavuot as Truro-based Kehillat Kernow has one of Exeter’s Torah scrolls on loan. In the morning, Shavuot was explained to the children who made decorations for the shul. Following the tea, an erev Shavuot service was held.