Why London's eruv is sprouting in Jerusalem

By Nathan Jeffay, September 17, 2015

Jerusalem is gearing up for one of the largest Jewish art festivals ever held in the city - and one of the most unusual works to be displayed draws on the religious life of the London community.

Organisers of the Second Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art expect to attract thousands of Jewish tourists visiting Israel for the chagim, and well as large numbers of locals.

"The main o


IDF hospital giving hope to Nepal

By Nathan Jeffay, May 7, 2015

Israel's field hospital in Nepal has now treated almost 1,000 patients and is acquiring a reputation as the best place for the injured to come for care.

"Because of the good care that Israelis are giving, injured people from my village want to transfer here," said 18-year-old Dawa Bohola, sitting in the orthopaedics tent with his injured foot in a treatment bath.

He was painting outdoors at


Vandalising eruv? No, we were just measuring poles

By Jonathan Kalmus, June 9, 2014

Two Orthodox men suspected of vandalising the Manchester eruv were actually measuring it.

Security guards at Heaton Park, Prestwich, observing the northern-most part of the boundary reported seeing the men apparently tampering with eruv poles.


Families reap benefit of new eruv

By Jonathan Kalmus, January 16, 2014

Residents in Manchester have given the thumbs up to the city’s eruv, after it went live last weekend.

The largest such project in the country with a perimeter of 13 miles, it had attracted criticism when it was first mooted, with some Mancunians questioning its halachic credentials.

But after just one Shabbat in operation, locals could clearly see its benefits.


Come on Manchester, embrace this eruv

By Angela Epstein, January 12, 2014

At my nephew’s wedding in Israel a few years ago, the proud groom introduced me to the head of the Jerusalem yeshiva where he had once been a student.


Largest eruv goes live in Manchester

By Jonathan Kalmus, January 6, 2014

The UK’s largest eruv is to become operational affording thousands of Manchester Shabbat observant Jews life-changing facilities.

The 13-mile halachic perimeter, under the Manchester Beth Din, will be operational from January 11. It is slightly larger than any London eruv and covers Salford, Prestwich and Crumpsall, the major centres of Manchester Jewry.


Manchester eruv ready to go live

By Jonathan Kalmus, December 16, 2013

Manchester’s first eruv survived gale force winds allowing it to be launched for its first use this Shabbat.

Shabbat observers in Whitefield, are expected to be the first Jews to use an area-wide halachic boundary outside London after 10 years of planning.


Belmont eruv goes live

By Marcus Dysch, November 25, 2013

The latest United Synagogue eruv is now operational in Belmont, north-west London.

An extension of the Stanmore eruv, the religious boundary covers around 4,000 homes surrounding Belmont Synagogue. It was in use for the first time on Shabbat.


Radlett shul gets go-ahead on centre plans

By Jay Grenby, November 4, 2013

Hertsmere Council has approved plans for a new community centre for Radlett and Bushey Reform Synagogue, including a hall and multi-purpose facilities.


Manchester eruv fails to make pre-Succot completion target

By Jonathan Kalmus, September 23, 2013

The north Manchester eruv — the UK’s largest — has not been completed in time for Succot as intended. But its organisers do not anticipate a long delay.

Fencing and wire arranged for the 13-mile religious boundary with Manchester’s Metrolink transport and Bury Council is awaiting installation.