Election results

Election result: New Forest East

May 7, 2010

The polarising Jewish Conservative politician Dr Julian Lewis has held his seat in New Forest East.

Dr Lewis, the shadow defence secretary, was boosted by a 3.2 per cent swing from the Liberal Democrats, despite reports from pinknews.co.uk that he had made comments suggesting that being a homosexual was "more dangerous than being in the army".

Speaking after the vote was announced, Dr Lewis said: "I am naturally delighted that we have had such a stunning victory in New Forest East tonight.


Election result: Bury South

By Robyn Rosen, May 7, 2010

Labour's Ivan Lewis, well-known in the Jewish community, has held on to his seat in Bury South despite an eight per cent swing to the Conservatives.

Foreign Office minister Mr Lewis, formerly vice-chairman of Labour Friends of Israel, received 19,508 votes, gaining a 40.4 per cent share and a 3,292 majority. In what was essentially a two-horse race between two Jewish candidates, Conservative Michelle Wiseman, chief executive of Manchester Jewish Community Care, got 16,216 votes.


Election result: Witney

May 7, 2010

Self-styled “comedy terrorist” Aaron Barschak failed in his attempt to unseat Conservative leader David Cameron in the Witney constituency.

Mr Barschak secured 53 votes, some way behind Mr Cameron’s 33,973.

Best-known for gate-crashing Prince William’s 21st birthday party while dressed as Osama bin Laden, Mr Barschak had campaigned for asylum seekers’ rights.

He was seen dressed in a Jesus-style outfit on the podium as the result was announced.


Election result: Lincoln

May 7, 2010

Jewish politician Gillian Merron was one of the Labour ministers who was “scalped” by the electorate's swing to the Conservatives early this morning.

Ms Merron had been an MP for Lincoln since 1997, and was minister for public health. She was beaten by Conservative Karl McCartney by just 1,058 votes.


Election result: Epping Forest

By Jessica Elgot, May 7, 2010

The Jewish BNP candidate for Epping Forest has polled under 2,000 votes.

Patricia Richardson increased the BNP’s share of the vote by just 254 to 1,982.

Ms Richardson told the JC that the party is neither antisemitic nor racist. She described the mainstream Jewish community's hostility towards her party as "blinkered" and accuses it of "demonising" BNP policies.

The seat was held by Conservative Eleanor Laing, who was re-elected with an increased majority, while the Labour vote dropped by nearly 3,000.

Liberal Democrat Anne Haigh’s 10,017 votes beat Labour into second place.


Election result: Glasgow Central

May 7, 2010

Osama Saeed, the Scottish National Party’s great hope for capturing the Glasgow Central constituency, has failed to win the seat.

He finished second behind Labour’s Anas Sarwar, who polled 15,908 votes to secure a majority of more than 10,550.

Mr Saeed, who finished with 5,357 votes, founded the Scottish Islamic Foundation, which offered to help protect an Edinburgh synagogue which was attacked during last year’s Gaza conflict.


Election result: Northampton North

By Robyn Rosen, May 7, 2010

The House of Commons has gained a new Jewish MP as Conservative Michael Ellis swiped Northampton North from Labour with a seven per cent swing.

Mr Ellis, a 43-year-old barrister, received a 34.1 per cent share of votes (13,735) gaining a 1,936 majority over incumbent Labour MP Sally Keeble, whose votes decreased by 9.4 per cent.

Liberal Democrat Andrew Simpson came in third with 11,250 votes and a 27.9 per cent share, followed by BNP, UKIP, Green and Christian Party candidates.

Northampton has around 300 Jewish residents and Northampton Hebrew Congregation has around 100 members.


Election result: Oxford West and Abingdon and Richmond Park

May 7, 2010

Two Jewish Liberal Democrat candidates have lost out in the election, despite predictions that “Cleggmania”, increased support for Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, would lead them to victory.

Dr Evan Harris and Susan Kramer, both fought tight battles in Oxford West and Abingdon and Richmond Park.

Former MP Dr Evan Harris, an outspoken advocate for abortion, euthanasia and gay rights lost his seat in Oxford West and Abingdon after a 6.9 per cent swing to Conservative challenger Nicola Blackwood.


Election result: Manchester Gorton

May 7, 2010

Anti-Israel Jewish MP Sir Gerald Kaufman has won a comprehensive victory in his Manchester Gorton constituency.

He won 19,211 votes, giving him a majority of over 6,000.

Sir Gerald had been embroiled in controversy before the poll after the Board of Deputies asked the Labour Party to consider withdrawing him as a candidate following comments he made warning voters about the alleged influence of the “Israel lobby”.

He had made the comments in March at a meeting in Parliament held by Friends of Al-Aqsa to discuss Israeli house demolitions.


Election result: Burton and Uttoxeter

May 7, 2010

The Jewish Labour candidate for Burton and Uttoxeter has lost the seat for Labour.

Ruth Smeeth, who works for the Community Security Trust, and is an active union member, only had 31.9 per cent of the vote, after an 8.7 per cent swing to Conservative.

She was instrumental in setting up the Hope Not Hate campaign for the Board of Deputies, attacking the BNP.

After the results were announced, Ms Smeeth said: “I will continue to be unceasing in my commitment to Burton. It’s been a very difficult night tonight for me and my party — but we will be back.”