Election 2010

Martin Bell: Study the voting records of MPs

April 15, 2010

Former "anti-sleaze" independent MP and BBC war correspondent Martin Bell urged League of Jewish Women members to study the records of MPs standing for re-election before casting their vote.

During a wide-ranging conversation with league president Ella Marks on Monday in central London, Mr Bell recalled his successful campaign against Neil Hamilton in Tatton, Cheshire, in 1997.

Asked about sleaze and corruption in Westminster today, he told the audience of 130: "We are worse off now than we were then."


Jews welcome Tory pledge to set up new schools

By Robyn Rosen, April 15, 2010

The Tories' election manifesto pledge to give parents the right to set up schools has been welcomed by communal educators.

Educational philanthropist Benjamin Perl claimed this week that 10 new Jewish schools were needed in the Hertsmere area as parents spoke of their despair at failing to obtain places for their children. Some Borehamwood parents say the situation is forcing families to leave the area.


Green candidate compares Hamas to French resistance

By Jessica Elgot, April 15, 2010
Israel was accused of building “concentration camps” at a meeting attended by a Labour MP and parliamentary candidates for Hammersmith and Fulham.

The event, a debate for Hammersmith and Fulham parliamentary candidates, was attended by Labour MP Andy Slaughter alongside Green candidate Rollo Miles and Lib Dem Merlene Emerson.

Green candidate Mr Miles accused Israel of running a “concentration camp” and compared Hamas terrorists to French resistance members fighting the Nazis.


David Cameron pledge to tackle antisemitism

By Jessica Elgot, April 13, 2010

David Cameron was the first to respond to Reform Judaism head Rabbi Tony Bayfield’s request for the three party leaders to address the community.

Telling Rabbi Bayfield that he had “many friends on the mailing list” of the newsletter where his response was published, Mr Cameron joked that “this might be the last they hear from me for a few weeks!”

Mr Cameron, who launched the Conservative manifesto at Battersea Power Station in London today, spoke of his delight when he learnt about his Jewish ancestors, the Levitas.


Martin Linton: Listen to his 'tentacles' speech

By Jessica Elgot, April 12, 2010

Martin Linton, MP for Battersea and chair of Labour Friends of Palestine, has apologised for describing the "long tentacles of Israel" reaching into British politics.

The Battersea MP said he was sorry for any offence but maintained he was not aware of the antisemitic precedents for the image of a Jewish octopus stretching around the world.

You can listen to the extract of Mr Linton's speech here.


How the Jewish vote could swing it

By Martin Bright, April 8, 2010

Such is the peculiar nature of our electoral system that if you happen to live in one of the UK's marginal constituencies, the fate of the nation lies in your hands.

With the 6th May ballot predicted to be one of the closest in living memory, small shifts in the voting pattern in a number of key seats will mean the difference between a workable majority for the two main parties - or a hung Parliament.


Muslims vow to unseat Zionists

By Martin Bright, April 8, 2010

The Muslim organisation that claimed responsibility for unseating "pro-war, pro-Israel" Labour MP Lorna Fitzsimons from her Rochdale constituency at the last election has launched its campaign for the 2010 election.

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee, which has an openly anti-Zionist agenda, has said it will target MPs and candidates known to support Israel and those they have identified as "Islamophobic". It claims that 82 constituencies now have a Muslim population larger than the incumbent's majority.


Labour asked to withdraw anti-Zionist MPs

By Martin Bright, April 8, 2010

The Board of Deputies has asked the Labour Party to consider whether two anti-Zionist MPs should be withdrawn as candidates following comments warning voters about the alleged influence of the "Israel lobby" on the UK election.

The unprecedented intervention from the Board follows comments from Martin Linton and Sir Gerald Kaufman last month at a meeting in Parliament held by Friends of Al-Aqsa to discuss Israeli house demolitions.


Linton apologises for ' Israel's tentacles' speech

By Martin Bright, April 2, 2010

One of the Labour Party’s most prominent pro-Palestinian
campaigners has apologised for comments he made in Parliament last month
warning voters of the “long tentacles of Israel” seeking to influence the
forthcoming UK election.

Martin Linton, Labour MP for Battersea, founded Labour
Friends of Palestine and serves as its chair. He said he was sorry for any
offence caused, but was not aware of the anti-Semitic precedents of the image
of a Jewish octopus.


Hacking off Hackney voters

By Geoffrey Alderman, April 1, 2010

Three weeks ago on this page, I addressed a serious communal problem, namely the tendency of our Charedi brethren to put their own interests above everything else. Citing several recent new stories, I referred to the seeming inability or unwillingness of Charedim "to consider their needs in the context of the needs of the wider society of which they are part."