Elect the Chief Rabbi

Charedi relief over rabbi vote

By Nathan Jeffay, July 25, 2013

Israel’s Charedi establishment breathed a sign of relief on Wednesday, as it kept its grip on the Chief Rabbinate in the elections for the Ashkenazi and Sephardi chief rabbis.


Belmont United is latest synagogue to elect a woman chair

By Sandy Rashty, May 9, 2013

The United Synagogue has elected its fourth shul chairwoman

Frances Grossman, a former vice-chair, was voted in as chair of Belmont United Synagogue in Stanmore on Wednesday night.


Split identities of UK chief rabbi hopeful candidate

By The Jewish Channel, May 2, 2013

One of the candidates to be the British chief rabbi and a leading figure in modern Orthodox Judaism has admitted to creating at least one fake identity that he used to promote his arguments among fellow rabbis.


How Lord Sacks came to be chief

January 21, 2013

Addressing the Chief Rabbinate Conference committee in London on the last Sunday in February 1990 – some 15 months after commencing its search for a successor to Lord Jakobovits – United Synagogue president Sidney Frosh, who had headed the seven-man “sifting” (selection) committee, revealed that during the previous year, his team had had “correspondence from all over the country, offerin


‘Safe’ choice is probably the last

By Geoffrey Alderman, December 24, 2012

As a non-member of the United Synagogue, my interest in the process by which it has chosen a new chief rabbi is naturally limited. But, as a historian of Britain’s Jewish communities, my curiosity is intense.


Mirvis appointment: This post matters to Progessives, too

By Rabbi Jonathan Romain, December 20, 2012

The Progressive wing within British Jewry alternates between being non-plussed and concerned about the appointment of a new chief rabbi.


Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to be next UK chief rabbi

By Jenni Frazer, December 17, 2012

Britain's chief rabbi-designate is to be Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis of Finchley Synagogue, the United Synagogue has announced.

He will be Anglo-Jewry's 11th chief rabbi. And, like most of his predecessors, Rabbi Mirvis is not British-born.


Pack pressed on chief rabbi search

By Simon Rocker, December 17, 2012

United Synagogue president, Stephen Pack, was pressed this week over the failure to date to choose a successor to Lord Sacks as chief rabbi.

At a US council meeting on Monday, St John’s Wood Synagogue representative Ronnie Lossos said: “We are getting a lot of feedback from very upset people at the length of time it’s taken. It’s causing bad feeling.”


United Synagogue undecided on Chief Rabbi successor

By Simon Rocker, December 6, 2012

United Synagogue rabbis are concerned about the delay in appointing a chief rabbi to succeed Lord Sacks next autumn.

It is two years since Lords Sacks’s planned retirement was announced and more than a year since the Chief Rabbinate Trust officially launched the recruitment process.

The question of the succession was discussed at a meeting of the Rabbinical Council of the US on Monday.


Chief Rabbi panel ‘no longer credible’

By Simon Rocker, November 30, 2012

A meeting of the committee responsible for finding the next Chief Rabbi broke up this week without being able to agree a name.

The six men and two women who have been conducting interviews on behalf of the Chief Rabbinate Trust met on Monday night to consider their options a year after the search officially began.