Tudors out, Middle East in as sixth-form history curriculum is set to change

By Charlotte Oliver, May 19, 2014

Sixth-form history students will be taught more about the Middle East as part of a national overhaul of the A-level curriculum, a leading exam body has announced.

OCR, one of the country’s biggest exam’s boards, revealed on Monday that its history courses will soon switch focus from recent British history to a broader range of international topics – spanning at least 200 years.


Should faith schools be able to drop evolution?

By Simon Rocker, May 19, 2014

The children and their adult escorts have gathered beneath the long bony neck of Dippy the diplodocus, the giant replica skeleton which stands in the lobby of the Natural History Museum. Sunday morning cheder for these pupils from Belsize Square Synagogue is not going to be in class.


Unfit to govern

May 16, 2014

Hindsight is an overused tool. But it does not require any benefit of hindsight to realise that the governors of King Solomon High School made a monumental and easily avoidable error in appointing Jo Shuter as head.


King Solomon headteacher Jo Shuter banned from teaching

By Simon Rocker, May 15, 2014

The head of King Solomon High School, Jo Shuter, has been banned from teaching for abusing expenses while at her previous school.

One of the most country’s most high-profile teachers, who was awarded the CBE four years ago, she admitted allegations of inappropriate claims during her headship of London’s Quintin Kynaston Community Academy before a teaching disciplinary panel in April.


King Solomon head Jo Shuter banned from teaching

By Simon Rocker, May 13, 2014

The headteacher of King Solomon High School in Redbridge, Jo Shuter, has been banned from teaching after abusing expenses in a previous role.

Ms Shuter admitted a number of allegations of inappropriate claims, including £7,000 for a 50th birthday party, while head of the Quintin Kynaston Community Academy in London before a teaching standards panel last month.


Women should be able to carry the Torah, too

By Benedict Roth, May 11, 2014

Access to Jewish education for women was debated in the Mishnah nearly 2,000 years ago.


King Solomon head awaits fate after expenses misconduct

By Simon Rocker, May 8, 2014

King Solomon High School head teacher Jo Shuter must await her fate after being found guilty of professional misconduct over expense claims while in a previous job.


Father's frustration at North London Collegiate School over 'gas chamber' slur

By Charlotte Oliver, May 8, 2014


The father of a Jewish pupil at North London Collegiate School who was told by a teacher she would be sent “to one of your gas chambers” has said that the school’s refusal to explain how it has dealt with the incident has turned it from a “personal matter to a community one”.


Teaching union tweet backs demo against EcoStream

By Sandy Rashty, May 2, 2014

A British teaching union has been condemned for backing a planned picket of an Israeli-owned store in Brighton this weekend.

A representative of Brighton and Hove National Union of Teachers used Twitter to alert members of the boycott, led by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), outside Israeli softdrinks shop EcoStream.


All about the beards and the bees

By Geoffrey Alderman, May 2, 2014

Were you as shocked as I was on reading the JC’s April 18 front page? Were you shocked for the right reasons?