Worry for faith schools as Ofsted continues its no-notice inspections

By Charlotte Oliver, September 23, 2014

Concern has been raised among leading figures in Jewish education that faith schools are being unfairly scrutinised, following Ofsted's onslaught of no-notice inspections.

Last week, news of JFS' downgrading was followed by inspectors turning up at three Jewish schools - Yesodey Hatorah, Hackney; Beis Yaakov, Salford; and Bnois Jerusalem, Hackney.


Orthodox keep own curriculum

By Nathan Jeffay, September 23, 2014

Israel's High Court has upheld the right of Charedi schools to ignore the country's national curriculum.

A large number of Charedi schools reduce secular education to the teaching of basic mathematics and a few other subjects, freeing up the bulk of the time for religious subjects.

In 2010, former education minister Amnon Rubinstein, along with other leading educationalists and disgruntled g


Concern over government plan that may force Jewish schools to teach Islam

By Charlotte Oliver, September 21, 2014

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has sparked controversy in Westminster with plans to change the way religion is taught in schools.

Her proposals, reported in the Mail on Sunday, would require every religious studies GCSE student to learn about two religions, rather than just one “world religion” as the course currently stipulates.


Moving up: fear and fun at secondary school

By Jacob Simons, September 19, 2014


When I left Bushey Heath Primary School, all I could think about was the summer holidays. My trip to France, my camping excursion - all the fun things that were waiting for me. But it wasn't until towards the end of the holidays that I started to think about an upcoming event in my life, an event that would make all the difference: starting secondary school.


Students get an early taste of university life

By Charlotte Oliver, September 18, 2014

Exam stress, essay deadlines, the horror of cooking your own meals: starting university has its challenges.

But help was at hand last week at JW3 in North London when it opened its doors for UniFest, sponsored by the Pears Foundation with UJS and UJIA, to prepare students for life on campus.


Ofsted swoops on more Jewish schools

By Simon Rocker, September 18, 2014

Following last week's shock inspection report downgrading JFS from an outstanding school to one requiring improvement, three more state-aided Jewish schools have been the subject of unannounced visits from Ofsted.


School explains appeal to Ofsted

By Jonathan Kalmus, September 18, 2014

Leaders of the Broughton Jewish Primary in Manchester have explained to parents why they are appealing against Ofsted's downgrading of the school from "outstanding" to "requiring improvement".


Head says JFS will do better after critical Ofsted report

By Charlotte Oliver, September 18, 2014

JFS head Jonathan Miller has said that the Ofsted report which raised concerns about safety and behaviour "is not an accurate reflection of the school we know".

But he has promised to address the issues raised by the inspection service.


'Jewish students stand together to fight antisemitism'

By Noam Yossef, September 17, 2014

In response to the letter I previously wrote, I am amazed and overwhelmed with the support that the letter has received and the support surrounding my personal experience from students and friends. Jewish students’ standing together is what can make change happen.


Students scrap motion claiming campus antisemitism is exaggerated

By Sandy Rashty, September 17, 2014

The National Union of Students (NUS) has scrapped a motion that claimed reports of rising antisemitism on campus had been exaggerated in the wake of Operation Protective Edge.

In a meeting on Wednesday, the NUS national executive committee agreed to withdraw the controversial proposal after lobbying from the Union of Jewish Students (UJS).