Scottish school row finally claims Tony Tankel’s scalp

By Jennifer Lipman, November 16, 2012

The chair of the parent council of Glasgow’s Calderwood Lodge has resigned after a prolonged spat over the status of Scotland’s only Jewish school.


Encouraging demand for Leeds high school

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 15, 2012

The Jewish high school opening in Leeds next September has received 20 applications for the 25 places for the initial year.


Unison in unison with Department of Health

By Martin Bright, November 15, 2012

Across the country, strikes are being organised in the heath service by public sector union Unison. Just this week, the union described plans to cut 50 per cent of nursing staff at NHS Direct as a “disaster”. The Department of Health and Unison are effectively at war.


Clore Shalom school admission policy under new scrutiny

By Simon Rocker, November 15, 2012

Department for Education officials are seeking an urgent meeting with a Jewish school in an attempt to defuse a dispute over its admission policy that has seethed during the past month.


Gay ex-principal sues Australian Jewish school for millions

By Anna Sheinman, November 13, 2012

One of Australia’s largest Jewish schools is being sued for millions of dollars by its former principal.

Joseph Gerassi was principal of Melbourne’s Bialik College and was believed to be the first openly gay principal of a Jewish school in Australia. He is suing his former employer for unfair dismissal, the Australian newspaper The Age has reported.


Mazeltov, Greville

November 9, 2012

Usually those who have contributed to the community are honoured too late for them to appreciate it. So it is cheering to report the homage to Lord Janner by the state of Israel, marking the extraordinary contribution made by the politician and barrister, now 84. Not for Greville a soulless plaque on a wall.


Game on - Yavneh students invent a best-seller

By Sandy Rashty, November 8, 2012

Seven Yavneh College boys have designed a board game that is set to go global.

As part of a business and enterprise challenge, the year-eight pupils at the Borehamwood school came up with the strategy-focused “Buzzing Battle Bees”.


Sacks gives northern schools top marks

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 8, 2012

Formally opening two major educational campuses during a northern visit, Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks said that schools were “our best investment in the Jewish future”.

Lord Sacks made the comment at the King David School in Manchester last Thursday after highlighting Anglo-Jewry’s declining population from a post-war 450,000 to 270,000 today.


Attractive women submissive and conformist, says survey

By Anna Sheinman, November 7, 2012

Good-looking women are more likely to be submissive and conformist, a Hebrew University study has found.

The research, done in conjunction with the Open University, hypothesised that women are judged by what they look like. That means that women who are judged to be attractive should theoretically also be perceived as having socially desirable personality traits.


Sheffield JSoc

By Sandy Rashty, November 6, 2012

Photos from events organised by Sheffield JSoc, including a bagel lunch, pub crawl and "Pizza in the Hut" with the rabbi.

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